Karol G’s blooper: she lost her skirt in the middle of the show

Karol Gs blooper she lost her skirt in the middle

The Colombian continued with her show Bloopers, pifies and falls are part of the infinite world of live shows. However, nothing compares to what happened to Karol G, who ended up dancing in her underwear in one of her shows. Wanda Nara’s ex-boyfriend who was sentenced to life imprisonment spoke from prison: “I was exposed” … Read more

Karol G loses her skirt in the middle of her Strip Love Tour show

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Strip Love Tour has returned Karol G to the stage while we continue waiting for all those songs of which he offers us advances on his social networks. And his concert tour is leaving us with endless anecdotes to which we must add a new episode. The Colombian was in the middle of the show … Read more

Karol G is left without a skirt in the middle of the concert and her reaction is surprising

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On his most recent $trip Love Tour across the United States, Carol G executed a hip movement in such a way that she ended up without a skirt in the middle of the concert. The garment of the reggaetonera, 31 years old, little by little was slipping until end up on the ground and although … Read more

Video: Karol G suffered a mishap in the middle of the concert and ended up without a skirt

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Carol G continues to conquer the entire world, because this year she achieved one of the greatest achievements of her career, being the first Colombian woman to perform at Coachella, one of the most important music festivals in the world. Read also: Estéreo Picnic 2023: Blink 182 and more bands on the official festival poster … Read more

This is how Ana Bárbara reacted when she lost her skirt in full concert

This is how Ana Barbara reacted when she lost her

Without stopping the concert, Ana Barbara waited for his team to set up his dressing room to continue performing his successes in Veracruz. Photo: Cuartoscuro. In the middle of the show, the singer Ana Barbara he unbuttoned his skirtinconvenience that did not prevent him from continuing with the interpretation of the theme “how little”, but … Read more

Brad Pitt wears a skirt in Berlin and it looks that good on him

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Brad Pitt has left us with our mouths open once again. The actor, at 58 years old, went to the red carpet in Berlin with a look that has drawn attention for not being the expected and conventional. For this occasion the ex-husband of Angelina Jolie opted for a linen shirt, jacket and black skirt. … Read more

Brad Pitt reveals himself by wearing a skirt on the red carpet

(TELEMUNDO ATLANTA).- Brad Pitt surprises on the red carpet by replacing conventional pants with a skirt, at the premiere of his new movie, Bullet Train, in Berlin. The 58-year-old award-winning actor broke with masculine norms and took a bold step by combining a brown linen jacket with a matching knee-length skirt. Also, he completed his … Read more

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Lily Collins surprises us with her recent publication on Instagram, where the actress shared a flash back during the recordings of the second season of the series Emily in Paris. The model, too, shares with us a style in vibrant colors and different textures, but she makes the most of the drama of the image … Read more

Kristen Stewart hits with her extravagant skirt on the red carpet of Cannes

Kristen Stewart hits with her extravagant skirt on the red

The red carpet of the Cannes Film Festival is, without a doubt, one of the most glamorous of the year. On the seventh day of the film competition, actresses and models once again caused a sensation with their spectacular outfits signed by the great luxury fashion firms. This Monday, one of the great protagonists was … Read more

Grace Kelly’s white skirt that is back in trend

Grace Kelly She was a trendsetter within the principality of Monaco, but she already had a much admired style since she took her first steps in Hollywood. She could thus be seen in her successful mystery movie Rear Window by Alfred Hitchcock, where she wore an incredible White skirt that became a trend again and … Read more