This is Claudia Salas: her beginnings in acting thanks to Mecano, her role in ‘Elite’ and her sister

Meta continues its expansion across Web 30 with the announcement

great talent Claudia Salas joins Ricardo Gómez to star The route, the new series from Atresplayer. After succeeding in series like Elitethe actress has dared to try new records. Claudia Salas It is one of the new promises of the Spanish market. Despite his relatively brief artistic career, in a short time he has made … Read more

This is how Paquita la del Barrio looked as a young woman in an unpublished PHOTO with her sister more than 50 years ago

During the 1970s, Paquita of the neighborhood He began his artistic career trying his luck in various places to achieve the success he had always dreamed of having. At that time, the ranchero singer founded a duet with Viola, her sister; There are very few records of those years, but a unpublished photo in which … Read more

A sister of Ricky Martin denies her son’s accusations against the singer

Young man dubs famous anime and movies into Quechua on

Vanessa Martin, sister of Puerto Rican singer Ricky Martin, denied to her son that his famous uncle allegedly sexually assaulted him, causing a series of legal proceedings between the two for several months. The objection was provided this Wednesday by José Andreu Fuentes, one of Ricky Martin’s three lawyers, after the famous singer’s sister provided … Read more

Amaia Montero’s sister reveals what is happening to the singer

Amaia Monteros sister reveals what is happening to the singer

Last week, the former Van Gogh Ear singer, Amaia Montero, posted a photo on his Instagram twice and baffled his followers. As a result of this publication and a comment in which Montero stated that she was “destroyed”, many people have wondered what is happening to the artist. Since Public mirror They managed to talk … Read more

Jeffrey Dahmer Victim’s Sister Says Netflix Series About Serial Killer Bothers Her

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When we decry the repeated narrative of black slavery and trauma through film, we must also consider the recent and highly anticipated biopic of Jeffrey Dahmer in Netflix. Why? Because most of his victims were people of color. The victim’s sister Errol Lindsey, rita isbellshared his thoughts on the show in an essay with Insider. … Read more

House of the Dragon: Where Daemon’s Sword, Dark Sister, Comes From

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

The sword was not always Demonactually belonged to Visenya Targaryenswho was the sister and wife of Aegon The Conqueror. According to the Game of Thrones fandom site, Visenya used this sword during combat, it was even the one he used during the war of conquest. arya stark mentions Visenya and his sword during the early … Read more

Marc Anthony: the sad song he dedicated to his deceased sister, Maribel

Few things in life can cause as much pain as the death of a family member. And not to mention if the tragedy involves a brother or a sister, those people who seem to have been born destined to be our soulmates, companions of adventures and emotions throughout our lives. Mark Anthony He went through … Read more

Lupillo Rivera supports the closure of his sister Jenni’s boutique

Lupillo Rivera supports the closure of his sister Jennis boutique

MEXICO CITY, August 19 (EL UNIVERSAL).- Lupillo Rivera supports the closure of the official clothing store of his sister, the late singer Jenni Rivera, simply because times have changed in the market. The boutique, one of the two businesses that was in the city of Los Angeles, closed its doors by mutual agreement between Jacquie … Read more

“Rosalía, sister, you are already Mexican”: Danna Paola shared her excitement about attending the motomami concert

Rosalia sister you are already Mexican Danna Paola shared her

Danna Paola shared her excitement about attending the ‘motomami’ concert (Photo: Instagram/@dannapaola) Rosalía in Mexico has become a musical phenomenon that with only half of her tour Motomami World Tour toured in Aztec lands has already left various moments for posterity such as his photos with stuffed animals of the dr simi or pose with … Read more