Frank Sinatra and Marilyn Monroe lived in this mansion that is now being sold for “only” $12.8 million

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck break the rules in their

There will not be many dwellings throughout the history of popular culture in which the artistic talent and the infinite charisma. In the mansion that is spoken of in the following lines lived Frank Sinatra Y Marilyn Monroe. Little joke. The lavish home is currently for sale for $12.8 millionis located in the neighborhood of … Read more

The day Frank Sinatra could be John McClane in Jungle Glass instead of Bruce Willis

The day Frank Sinatra could be John McClane in Jungle

Bruce Willis has something in common with almost all of us: the favorite character of his entire career – cut short by aphasia, the cognitive disorder that has forced him to retire – has always been John McClane. The leading role of Crystal jungle It was a candy that could have had a very different … Read more

‘The Rat Pack’, the group of mafia actors led by Frank Sinatra

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

In the 1960s, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Peter Lawford, Joey Bishop and Sammy Davis Jr were part of ‘The Rat Pack’. Many people believe that the life of Frank Sinatrapopular American singer and actor of the 40’s, was full of glamour, music and wealth, but behind all that fame the artist lived tragic stories that … Read more

Nick Kyrgios, in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra

Nick Kyrgios in the footsteps of Frank Sinatra

First by the eloquent results, including this high-flying final against Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon (New window) as if, eight years after defeating Rafael Nadal in the same venue, he was about to fulfill the Spaniard’s prophecy declaimed in 2014. Nick is a player with enormous talent who could win major tournaments or fight for the … Read more

The first choice to star in Jungle Glass was not Bruce Willis, it was Frank Sinatra

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Jungle Glass made Bruce Willis an action movie star, but the movie would have been very different with another actor like John McClane. When Bruce Willis was chosen to play John McClane in The jungle of crystal (Die Hard in the original and Hard to kill in the Latin American market), he was only known … Read more

Disembarkation in Las Vegas in two private jets and a 4-minute ceremony: the wedding of Mia Farrow and Frank Sinatra

Disembarkation in Las Vegas in two private jets and a

On July 19, 1966, an unequal couple for whom hardly anyone saw a future got married in Las Vegas. 30 years apart and opposite lifestyles seemed like too much of a border to mia farrow Y Frank Sinatra, the most shocking wedding couple of the 60s. However, despite their age, different tastes, rumors and a … Read more

Una triste canción de despedida y el instante en que Frank Sinatra supo que se moría: “Estoy perdiendo”

Una triste cancion de despedida y el instante en que

Frank Sinatra y su cuarta esposa Barbara Marx en su casa de Los Ángeles a principio de los 90 (Harry Langdon/Getty Images) “Suavemente, te dejaré suavemente/ Porque mi corazón se rompería si te despertaras y me vieras partir/ Así que te dejo suavemente, mucho antes de que me extrañes/ Mucho antes de que tus brazos … Read more

The time Frank Sinatra had a fight with Mario Puzo over a character in “The Godfather”

The time Frank Sinatra had a fight with Mario Puzo

Even though five decades have passed since “The Godfather” reached the big screen, this film continues to fascinate the audience; not for nothing has received the applause and positive reviews of several generations, becoming considered one of the best and most influential films in history, especially in the gangster film genre. Although we were all … Read more

Frank Sinatra called Ronald Reagan a ‘boring asshole’ who couldn’t get roles – Home

Frank Sinatra called Ronald Reagan a boring asshole who couldnt

Frank Sinatra was completely, often brutally, honest about his opinion of other celebrities. When Ronald Reagan first made the switch from a movie career to one in politics, Sinatra made his opinion of the other man clear. He expressed distaste for Reagan’s and his wife’s acting skills. However, later in his life, Sinatra’s opinion of … Read more