This is how Silvia Pinal reacted to the romance of Stephanie Salas and Humberto Zurita

This is how Silvia Pinal reacted to the romance of

The first actress reacted to her granddaughter’s courtship with Humberto Zurita (Photo: Instagram @stephaniesalasoficial/@zuritahm) After Humberto Zurita Y Stephanie Chambers they will confess that they do have an affair, Silvia Pinal was questioned about this relationship and her reaction drew attention given that I was not aware. La Divaza and Manelyk González met ‘face to … Read more

Silvia Pinal is honored in Fine Arts

Silvia Pinal is honored in Fine Arts

The actress Silvia Pinalconsidered as the last movie diva, radio, theater Y mexican televisionreceived this Monday an emotional and well-deserved tribute to his career that took place at the Palace of Fine Artswho wore his best clothes to recognize the star. The tribute, which celebrated Pinal’s histrionic work, began at 7:00 p.m. with her present … Read more

Spanish gallant who triumphed with Silvia Pinal in “María Isabel”, left his career due to a terrible illness

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Silvia Pinal She is one of the most important actresses cinema, theater and television, for that reason, This August 29, a tribute was paid to him at the Palace of Fine Arts. the diva of the Golden era She is remembered for her work in several productions, one of them was “Maria Isabel“, a tape … Read more

Neither María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal: she was the highest-grossing actress of the Golden Age

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When talking about the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, the greatest female references without a doubt tend to be María Félix, Dolores del Río or Silvia Pinal, who starred in the most important films of that time. However, these three actresses they were not the highest grossingthat is, the most viewed on the big screen, … Read more

“Stop pulling my mom”: The scandal revolves around Silvia Pinal

Silvia Pinal, would be a victim in a family fight, audio evidence | Agency Mexico Silvia Pinal would have been affected after a family fight according to what would circulate in an audio where a discussion can be heard, a person of his “trust” would try to hurt the “Mexican politician”, here the details. The … Read more

The Colombian rock band Faxsia launches its new single ‘Silvia’ » Here you find out first!

‘Silvia’ is the new single by the Colombian rock band Faxsia, where they narrate a personal story of the band’s vocalist, Sebastián, and which represents a kind of tribute to those people who are no longer with us in life, but who have left an indelible mark on us. Silvia was a very special person … Read more

Silvia Pinal will no longer return to the theater so as not to “bother” anyone with her performance

“My mom doesn’t come back anymore, not to work or anything”said the interpreter’s only son, 91, in an interview for the “Venga la alegría” program on May 19. The businessman argued that the family decided that the “Diva del Cine de Oro in Mexico” should stop, mainly for his physical well-being. “Not at the moment … Read more

Sylvia Pasquel breaks down in tears for criticism of Silvia Pinal in her play: “You have the right to live”

Silvia Pinal’s eldest daughter exploded against those who point out her and her brothers, Luis Enrique Guzmán and Alejandra Guzmán, for agreeing to let her mother go on stage at her advanced age and when she is not in optimal conditions to work. In an interview presented by the program ‘Ventaneando’, Sylvia Pasquel said through … Read more

“Things will not be fine”, Silvia Pinal to the hospital, assures Mhoni Vidente

Silvia Pinal to the hospital, assures Mhoni Vidente bad news | Reform ¡Silvia Pinal to the hospital! This was the strong vision that Mhoni Vidente has had and has shared in his video of predictions for the Famous in this month of May, assuring that not only the Guzmán Pinal family will be having a … Read more

Actress Silvia Gambino, from ‘Marriage Scenes’, dies at 57

Actress Silvia Gambino from Marriage Scenes dies at 57

Actress Silvia Gambino has died at the age of 57 due to cancer.. Her ex-husband, the actor, director and producer Alberto Closas, has announced the sad news on his Instagram profile: “Goodbye, Silvia. You have left to make everyone you meet laugh wherever you go, with that character that you adored and gave you so … Read more