She was a successful tennis player, she abandoned it to succeed in the gold cinema, but a powerful stalker cut short her dreams

The “Golden Age of Mexican cinema“Undoubtedly, he marked history forever as he gave way to great actors and actresses who will never be forgotten. Golden Cinema was a period in the history of mexican cinema that began in 1936 and led the country to become the center of commercial films in Latin America, one of … Read more

Lucasfilm and Studio Ghibli’s Mysterious Collaboration Turned Out To Be A 3-Minute Grogu Short

Image: Lucasfilm/Studio Ghibli At the beginning of this week, and after double checking that it was the official account, we were all surprised when we saw a Studio Ghibli use your account Twitter to move forward a collaboration with Lucasfilm. A cryptic teaser fired speculation: Did Disney convince Hayao Miyazaki of make a short for … Read more

Disney presents “Reflect,” a short film starring a young plus-size ballet dancer. And the fans are elated

Disney presents Reflect a short film starring a young plus size

“Reflect,” now streaming on Disney+, follows a young plus-size dancer named Bianca. (Credit: From Disney Animation/Twitter) (CNN) — Disney finally has its first young plus-size heroine, and fans online are elated. “Reflect” is a short film about a young ballet dancer named Bianca who struggles with her body image. Although the film first premiered on … Read more

Meet the Netflix movie that in a very short time was placed in the top ten

Meet the Netflix movie that in a very short time

The movie hit Netflix on September 21 and is already in their top ten most viewed movies. (Netflix) Since it was published in 1985, the book Perfumewritten by German Patrick Suskind it became a worldwide bestseller and was praised for its atmosphere, which achieved something impossible: to convey something as complex as smells with words … Read more

PHOTOS – Mostra 2022: Penélope Cruz loves short bangs in Venice – Gala

PHOTOS – Mostra 2022 Penelope Cruz loves short bangs in

On September 6, 2022, Penélope Cruz made a small impression at the Venice Film Festival 2022. The Spanish actress created a surprise with a new, very trendy haircut this fall/winter 2022: the short fringe! She changes completely. Although she has already walked the steps of this film festival several times in Chanel dresses and slicked … Read more

An Andalusian dog: Salvador Dalí, Luis Buñuel and the “obscene and cruel” short film that went down in the great history of cinema

An Andalusian dog Salvador Dali Luis Bunuel and the obscene

Enter the shooting of an Andalusian dogthe first film that Luis Bunuel was shot from a script written jointly with Salvador Dali, allows us to recognize the almost unrepeatable amalgamation between reality and myth, starting with the different versions of the origin of the film itself. But one thing is certain: the surreal short film … Read more

3 short NETFLIX movies to watch on MARATHON the last weekend of August

F1 GP Austria 2022 schedule TV and where to watch

Summer vacations are about to end, so an ideal plan to spend time relaxing and having fun is with some comedy productions available on Netflixso here are some suggestions for short movies to see in marathon the last weekend of August. The following films They have the simple objective of making the viewer laugh and … Read more

Emilia Clarke was called ‘short and fat’ at the House of The Dragon premiere

Emilia Clarke was called short and fat at the House

have you heard of Emilia Clarke? Of course yes. And given everything we know about the acclaimed actress, what words would we use to describe her? Talent, perhaps? Or directly inspiring? Yes, that too. But you know that thing where a talented woman achieves something amazing because of her work and her ability and then … Read more