Shame, Hunger… In January, Steve McQueen’s greatest films are on UniversCiné

To see on Disney from January 13 to 19

Steve McQueen, awarded at Cannes and at the Oscars, is this month in the spotlight on UniversCiné. A perfect opportunity to discover the little-known nuggets of the director of 12 Years a Slave. The acclaimed director of 12 Years a Slave, winner of no less than 15 awards (including the Best Picture Oscar) in 2014, … Read more

“It is an absolute shame”: the French press repudiated a discriminatory song by a group of Argentine fans

It is an absolute shame the French press repudiated a

The French press criticized the xenophobic and homophobic chant of Argentine fans “Listen, run the ball…”. Thus begins one of the most widespread and discriminatory songs in Argentine soccer. It was popularized by fans of Nueva Chicago directed at his classic rival, Almirante Brown. The hit does not refer to ridicule related to relegations, history … Read more

Big Brother 2022: Tomás Holder’s mother revealed the health problem that her son hid in the house out of shame

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

Tomás Holder’s mother recounted the health problem that her son preferred to hide at home This Sunday, the first elimination gala was lived in Big Brother 2022. In that framework, Thomas Holder became the first eliminated from the most famous house in the country. “The psychologist who advises accompanied me, his girlfriend and his friend … Read more

Naomi Watts, against the menopause taboo: “You have to receive it with pride and without shame”

Led Zeppelin reveal images of the Los Angeles concert in

Beneath that sweet and angelic aspect is a woman of firm convictions, a king kong of empowerment and the fight against ageism. He is not here to shut up or commune with Hollywood codes. The same does not matter to put the industry in check for how it has treated women in the cinema how … Read more

Lolita Cortés breaks the silence about the controversy with Paco de Miguel at La Academia: what a shame

Paco de Miguel and Lolita Cortés starred in a tense moment in the first part of the grand finale of ‘La Academia 20 años’. After the controversy, Paco de Miguel decided to make his Twitter account private, but days later he sent a message about it and returned to his social networks. It is the … Read more

Brunella Torpoco responds to criticism for repeating clothes at her concerts: “Shame on stealing”

Brunella Torpoco responds to criticism for repeating clothes at her

Brunella Torpoco speaks out for criticism of her wardrobe. (Photo: Capture) Brunella Torpoco is working hard in the United States. The salsa boat does not stop having tours and more than one presentation, which represents a great preparation of her costumes and makeup to go on stage. However, this has been a point of criticism … Read more

More than 3 million viewers: why Jagger’s fight against Bustamante puts traditional television to shame

More than 3 million viewers why Jaggers fight against Bustamante

Between boxing, cultural contests, ‘first dates’ and the future ‘grand prix’the truth is that the self-proclaimed “new entertainment” looks a lot like the old entertainment. But it is undeniable that it works in a younger segment of the population: proof of this is the 2.4 million viewers on average what has he had Ibai in … Read more

Morbius: Jared Leto’s Vampire Is A Shame For Marvel And A Disaster For Sony

Morbius Jared Letos Vampire Is A Shame For Marvel And

After a more than modest start and a rapid collapse at the box office, Morbius confirms Sony’s disaster and further jeopardizes the studio’s already wobbly Spider-Verse. Just a few months after Spider-Man: No Way Home became the biggest hit of all time for Sony Pictures, the exit of Morbius has everything of a violent reversal … Read more

‘I wish I hadn’t done it’: The movie that puts Sandra Bullock to shame

1649261406 I wish I hadnt done it The movie that puts

Sandra Bullock, 57, is one of the most recognized actresses in Hollywood. The American adds more than 20 productions, between cinema and television, which have established her in the audiovisual industry. Among his repertoire there is a movie you didn’t feel good aboutbecause the plot and the character that it exemplified were not in accordance … Read more