Titane, a movie about automotive sex and fragmented identities

Until Titanium (2021), the filmography of French filmmaker Julia Ducournau had been a more or less coherent representation of female sexual awakening: the protagonists of her first three films carry bulimia histories, or suggest it in shots where we see them vomiting; As they mature sexually, these women achieve an avenging beauty and unsettling hunger … Read more

On 5 Rounds, Halle Berry and Latto chatted about the meanest request made to Berry during sex

On 5 Rounds Halle Berry and Latto chatted about the

Halle Berry continues to immerse us in her privacy through her 5 Rounds video series. Latto was the last guest on the show and she was faced with a somewhat harsh response perhaps for her age. Halle Berry released her latest film project on Netflix on November 24, 2021. In Bruised, the film in which … Read more

Will Smith says his extensive sex made him sick

Will Smith says his extensive sex made him sick

How complicated it is to seduce a woman! But it seems that being a Hollywood star can help. Will Smith doesn’t need that: he’s been in a relationship for nearly 25 years with actress, producer and singer Jada Pinkett-Smith. On the other hand, before becoming world famous, the actor multiplied the conquests. For the worse … Read more

Sex, crime and madness: what “Big Sky” is like, the new series from the creator of “Ally McBeal”, “Boston Legal” and “Goliath”

Sex crime and madness what Big Sky is like the

“Big Sky” begins with the strange disappearance of three people. (Courtesy photo) You could say that Big Sky it’s an old school series. Although we see it here on the Star + streaming service, its original format was to be seen with the structure of classic commercials. But despite these television airs, its content has … Read more

Paul Rudd, the least thought of sex symbol

Paul Rudd the least thought of sex symbol

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. “Indignant!”, A friend wrote on WhatsApp when it was learned that the American magazine People chose the … Read more

‘House of Gucci’: Adam Driver and Lady Gaga improvised a sex scene in the film

House of Gucci Adam Driver and Lady Gaga improvised a

Although not yet a world premiere, ‘House of Gucci’ has already had a couple of premieres in London and New York. Critics have rescued the performance of Lady Gaga and a sexual scene that is at the beginning of the film. Here we tell you the details. As we already said, the final stretch of … Read more

Sarah Jessica Parker was about to reject ‘Sex and the City’, and this was the reason

1637097063 Sarah Jessica Parker was about to reject Sex and the

Possibly you think you know everything about the woman who played Carrie Bradshaw on ‘Sex and the City’, but … You’re wrong! There is still more to learn about Sarah Jessica Parker. So before ‘And Just Like That’ premieres next month, be sure to study. 1. He has very legendary historical ancestors In a 2010 … Read more

‘And Just Like That’: HBO Max presents the first trailer of the series that continues ‘Sex and the City’, a “new chapter” without Kim Cattrall

And Just Like That HBO Max presents the first trailer

We can already take a look at the series’And Just Like That‘, the revival of the famous’Sex in New York‘ (‘Sex and the City’, 1998-2004). HBO Max has launched the first trailer of this “new chapter” that continues the history of the series and whose release date is set for the next December 9.

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HBO Max premieres ‘The Sex Lives of College Girls’, Mindy Kaling’s new series

HBO Max premieres The Sex Lives of College Girls Mindy

Four young men become roommates in their first year of college (Source: HBO Max) Teen series have been popular for years and HBO Max has now decided to bet on another one. Is about The sex life of college girls, a fiction created by Emmy-nominated writer and producer Mindy Kaling alongside Justin Noble (I never). … Read more

Why the return of Sex and the City was necessary for all women

1636558602 Why the return of Sex and the City was necessary

Sex and the City is a series that marked a generation. Since her television debut in 1998, many young women – and not so young – wanted to be that young and somewhat self-centered writer named Carrie Bradshaw; learn of the sexual liberation represented by Samantha Jones; question the dream of an idyllic married life … Read more