The Last of Us series on HBO conquers us all with its first official trailer

The Last of Us series on HBO conquers us all

Today, September 26, we live once again the The Last of Us Day. It is the day that players pay tribute to the Naughty Dog game, one of the most acclaimed works of the last decade. And to celebrate it as it deserves, the moment most anticipated by millions of fans: We can already enjoy … Read more

‘My friend Dahmer’: the comic and the movie you should know if you liked the Netflix series

My friend Dahmer the comic and the movie you should

Borderline personality disorder, schizotypal disorder, and psychosis: all these diseases were diagnosed Jeffrey Dahmer after his arrest in 1991. Legal expert reports aside, it did not take a genius to know that something was wrong in that head: as the series reminds us Dahrmer, the call ‘Milwaukee Butcher’ he had left behind a trail of … Read more

‘Cobra Kai’: the premiere of season 6 of the Netflix series will have to wait… if it ever happens

Cobra Kai the premiere of season 6 of the

fans of ‘cobra kai‘ that you have devoured the new episodes of the series of Netflix: we will have to wait a long time to see season 6…if there is a new installment of the serial sequel to ‘Karate Kid’ (saga that will have a new movie). So they have ensured Josh Heald, Jon Hurwitz … Read more

El Vigilante, Netflix’s new horror and mystery series, celebrates its release date with a disturbing trailer

El Vigilante Netflixs new horror and mystery series celebrates its

Vikings: Valhalla Season 2, The Witcher Season 3, The Witcher: The Origin of Blood, 1899… The recent weekend has been marked by the number of announcements and news that Netflix has left us during its Tudum 2022 event. There have been so many protagonists, that some less popular movies and series have gone practically unnoticed, … Read more

We already have the first trailer for the HBO series on The Last of Us and it lives up to what we expected

We already have the first trailer for the HBO series.webp

The post-apocalyptic drama will arrive at the beginning of next year on HBO Max Spain and aims to leave us speechless. At last! HBO shared a few minutes ago the first trailer for The Last of Usthe TV adaptation of acclaimed video game from Naughty Dog which has just been released recently remake on ps5, … Read more

The chilling series on Netflix about Jeffrey Dahmer – TyC Sports

1664200645 The chilling series on Netflix about Jeffrey Dahmer TyC.webp

This production recently premiered on the streaming platform and is already one of the most viewed by users. 2022 continues to give Netflix great satisfaction since there are more and more series and movies that become all the rage on the platform immediately after their premiere, as happened recently … Read more

The other Dahmers: the films that portrayed the ‘Milwaukee Butcher’ before the Netflix series

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

As often happens in such gruesome cases, the story of Jeffrey Dahmer it has details that one would consider exaggerated if it were a work of fiction. But unfortunately, most of the atrocities that Ryan Murphy pick up in Dahrmer, his series for Netflix with Evan Peters as protagonist, Are true. Which includes the passivity … Read more

Netflix Tudum 2022: these are the most outstanding series and movies that will soon arrive on the platform

Netflix Tudum 2022 these are the most outstanding series and

Netflix has shown its full potential for the coming months. 09/26/2022 09:00 Netflix had one of its star events last Saturday, September 24, the so-called TUDUMand in it we could see some advertisements for series and films that will fill our televisions with stories in the coming months. The platform continues to look for ways … Read more

The story behind the series ‘Dahmer’: the lurid narrative of the crimes of Jeffrey Dahmer

The story behind the series Dahmer the lurid narrative of

Netflix has premiered ‘Dahmer‘, a series dealing with the gruesome crimes of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmerknown as “the butcher of Milwaukee”, where details about the lives of the victims are told before Dahmer ends them. Played by Evan Peters, the series explores Dahmer from a different point of view, from the perspective of his … Read more

The true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, protagonist of the new Netflix series: the murderer who dismembered and ate his victims

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

YE Updated:09/24/2022 15:52h Save Related news Netflix’s new limited series, ‘Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story,’ details the chilling life of one of America’s most notorious serial killers. Although the series, starring Evan Peters and created by Ryan Murphy, is a fictional account, it is based on the brutal murders that Dahmer carried out for more … Read more