Eddie Murphy Will Have Four Other Actors From The Original ‘Hollywood Sleuth’ Movie In New Sequel

Eddie Murphy Will Have Four Other Actors From The Original

1984 was a historic year in terms of mythical films that swept theaters, Ghostbusters, Indiana Jones and the Cursed Time, Gremlins, Karate Kid, After the Green Heart, Terminator…and the list could go on with a few more titles. But one of the great surprises was given by a police action comedy Super Detective in Hollywood … Read more

Warner Bros. kills Hallorann: Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel to ‘Doctor Sleep’ has been ruled out due to box office fault

Warner Bros kills Hallorann Mike Flanagan confirms that the sequel

When Mike Flanagan announced that he was working on a film sequel to ‘The Shining’ that, in addition to adapting the novel ‘Doctor Sleep’ by Stephen King, would emulate the spirit of Stanley Kubrick in some of his passages, many of us raised an eyebrow and were tremendously skeptical —and it was useless for him … Read more

Constantine: the HBO Max series is canceled, but Keanu Reeves returns in a sequel

Constantine the HBO Max series is canceled but Keanu Reeves

The HBO Max series adapted from the universe Constantine is cancelled, but Keanu Reeves will return in a sequel directed by Francis Lawrence. At the moment, it’s not the party at Warner. The merger of WarnerMedia and the television studio Discovery, Inc. led the firm to completely reshape its distribution strategy by removing a good … Read more

The anime Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru will have a sequel – Kudasai

The anime Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru will

During a special event held in Tokyo for the anime adaptation of the manga written and illustrated by Shinichi Fukuda, Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (My Dress Up Darling), the production of a sequel for the franchise was officially revealed with a release date soon to be announced. The format of this new … Read more

One of Keanu Reeves’ most loved and hated films will have a sequel

Anuel feat AMLO No the Puerto Rican singer did not

In the year 2005 Warner Bros presented Constantinea live-action film adapting the character John Constantine from the DC/Vertigo series hellblazer. For the role of the paranormal detective appeared the great Keanu Reeves. The film received mixed reviews, on the one hand there were those who criticized that Keanu, as charismatic as he may be, did … Read more

Surprise in boxing: Canelo Álvarez will appear in Creed III, the sequel to Rocky

Surprise in boxing Canelo Alvarez will appear in Creed III

Bombshell in boxing: Canelo Álvarez would appear in Creed III alongside Michael B. Jordan (Photo: Fb/Creed/Getty Images) In the midst of the expectation for the third fight between Canelo Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin, from the United States the last bomb was dropped in the entertainment world, as the actor and producer, Michael B Jordanconfirmed the … Read more

I Am Legend Sequel Will “Avoid” One of Will Smith’s Biggest Movie Sequel Mistakes

I Am Legend Sequel Will Avoid One of Will Smiths

A few months ago we told you that Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan will star in the sequel to I Am Legend, the film starring Smith in 2007 and based on the novel by Richard Matheson. I am legend transports us to New York in a world that has suffered an apocalypse after a … Read more

The Joker sequel adds a new star to its cast

the cast of “Joker: Folie a Deux” is taking shape and, after confirmation that Zazie Beetz and Brendan Gleeson will join the cast, now it was announced that Catherine Keener will also be part of the long-awaited sequel. The actress, known for her roles in “The 40-Year-Old Virgin,” “Capote” and “Get Out,” comes to the … Read more

The sequel to Knives Out presents its first trailer with Daniel Craig and an undecipherable mystery

In 2019, the film Knives Out surprised everyone. The wager run by Ryan Johnson managed to reinvent the genre whodunitwith a mystery surrounded by a choral cast of great performers, creating a unique dynamic when it comes to solving the mystery. The film was a huge success, grossing over $300 million. Additionally, Johnson earned an … Read more

The Batman 2: All about the sequel to the film with Robert Pattinson

The Batman 2 All about the sequel to the film

Considered one of the best film adaptations of the DC Comics hero, “The Batman” will soon return to the big screen for a second installment, as indicated by director Matt Reeves last April. Here’s everything we know about it. The countdown has already started. Released in France on June 7, “The Batman” with Robert Pattinson … Read more