12 years after separating, Flor Bertotti told how her relationship is today with Guido Kaczka and how they manage the upbringing of their son Romeo

florence Bertotti Y guide Kaczka They were one of the most beloved couples in the scene, both young, beautiful and sparkling. And with all the future ahead. However, their love ended abruptly, without giving further explanations or excuses. But today, in Partners of the show, the actress was consulted about how her relationship with the … Read more

After separating from Piqué, Shakira lamented: “You think you’re in a sincere relationship but it’s not”

Shakira after separating from Piqué: “You think you’re in a sincere relationship but it’s not” (The Grosby Group) Shakira, 45, and soccer player Gerard Piqué, 35, confirmed their separation on Saturday after 12 years together. But the Colombian singer had already given clues to her crisis with the father of her children a few days … Read more

Lucila Mebarak, Shakira’s sister, reveals how the singer is after separating from Gerard Piqué

He has arrived from Colombia to support the artist the journalists Lorraine Vazquez Y Laura Fa have more information about Shakira and Gerard Piqué, after it was revealed this weekend that they have broken up. Truly they separated three months ago: Piqué will continue to enjoy his holidays and will not return to Barcelona, but … Read more