Haley Joel Osment: the boy from Sixth Sense who made an unprecedented decision and changed his career

1642496243 Haley Joel Osment the boy from Sixth Sense who made

Haley Joel Osment went down in film history for her magnificent performance in Sixth Sense, which was captured with her iconic phrase “I see dead people”. There, he was 11 years old, although in the film he played a boy of 9, and his performance was so convincing that it went straight and non-stop to … Read more

Haley Joel Osment: the sixth sense child prodigy who made an unprecedented decision in Hollywood and changed his career

Haley Joel Osment the sixth sense child prodigy who made

“I see dead people” is one of the most recognized phrases in the film industry; Haley Joel Osment pronounced it in Sixth Sense If a challenge program launched the slogan of pronouncing the most remembered phrases in cinema, they would surely appear “To infinity and beyond”, from toy story, “May the Force be with you”, … Read more

Robe: “Going back to Extremoduro doesn’t make any sense ‘

1638004899 Robe Going back to Extremoduro doesnt make any sense

Robe Iniesta is a singer and musician, and also a character, whose fame is mainly established as leader of the Extremoduro band from 1987 to 2019. It was precisely after the controversial suspension of the farewell tour of the aforementioned group, when the musician from Cáceres (1962 ) the tour started Now is the time … Read more

What became of Haley Joel Osment, the boy from ‘The sixth sense’

What became of Haley Joel Osment the boy from The

Hollywood has lived through cases throughout its history of children who rise to fame suddenly after starring in a successful movie, something that has two notorious cases with Macaulay Culin and Haley Joel Osment, the latter protagonist of ‘The sixth Sense‘, a screening that took place in 1999. At that time he was 10 years … Read more

Jorge Ramos to María Antonieta Collins: “Your sense of ridicule is less than mine”

Jorge Ramos to Maria Antonieta Collins Your sense of ridicule

María Antonieta Collins and Jorge Ramos. Photo: Univision / Univision “Your sense of ridicule is less than mine” … With this phrase Jorge Ramos received María Antonieta Collins in the studio of ‘Al Punto’, when the Mexican journalist entered dressed as Chilindrina. As our brothers from ‘The NY Journal’, the presenters of ‘Despierta América en … Read more

Fiat Tipo SW: a not (too) expensive station wagon, full of common sense – teller report

Fiat Tipo SW a not too expensive station wagon full

the design of the dashboard does not appear any more ugly than that of more modern rivals. Everything is close at hand, easy to use, without the hassle. Ah, common sense and simplicity! The equipment remains sufficient with just the useful in series, without the frills. Buttons dedicated to the old are easily identifiable – … Read more

“Grey’s Anatomy”: 10 Things About The Emerald City Bar That Never Made Sense

Greys Anatomy 10 Things About The Emerald City Bar That

The Serie “Grey’s Anatomy“Is preparing its season 18 and showed that not even the pandemic against COVID-19 can stop its extensive history, which is now also broadcast on Netflix. Over the course of the particular plot, with its loves, losses and funny moments, the Emerald City Bar became an emblematic venue for the characters of … Read more

The writer of ‘Black Widow’ responds to criticism for the new version of Taskmaster: “I leaned towards other things that made more sense”

The writer of Black Widow responds to criticism for the

If you have read – or seen – my review of ‘Black Widow’, you will know that I was not too excited about the return of Marvel Studios to the big screen after two years of dry land. From my point of view, the film has a handful of rather noticeable deficiencies that place it at the bottom of the MCU table; but it seems that the fandom is more concerned about the treatment that has been given to one of the villains of the role than the narrative deficiencies of the feature film.

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Paul Walker’s daughter Meadow says growing up as a tomboy shaped her sense of self

Paul Walkers daughter Meadow says growing up as a tomboy

Paul Walker’s only daughter, Meadow, is making a name for herself in the fashion world, and she has to thank her late father for his trust. The model recently spoke to Vogue about her upbringing by the actor, who died in 2013 when she was 15, and how she has regained such a strong sense … Read more

Anthony Mackie explains why Falcon and the Winter Soldier aren’t in love and it just doesn’t make sense

Anthony Mackie explains why Falcon and the Winter Soldier arent

“The idea of ​​two guys who are friends and love each other is a problem in 2021 because of the exploitation of homosexuality. » If you’ve dropped a big « Hein ?? » in front of this sentence, welcome to the club: it is exactly what we did while reading the interview that Anthony Mackie … Read more