Spotify will now sell tickets to artists’ concerts directly to fans

Spotify will now sell tickets to artists concerts directly to

It is not new that a user can start his process to buy concert tickets of your favorite artists from Spotify. The feature has been around for years, however, it has begun to change substantially, showing that the music and audio streaming platform is constantly exploring ways to grow its sources of income. Bloomberg | … Read more

The latest from Spotify is a page to sell tickets to face-to-face concerts: this is how it works

The latest from Spotify is a page to sell tickets

When buying tickets for concerts, festivals or other live events, we usually use pages like Ticketmaster or StubHub, but soon we may have a new alternative. Spotify just released Spotify Tickets. It is a new page that, as its name indicates, allows you to buy tickets for live concerts. In this way, the streaming giant … Read more

Mansion that Shakira did not sell in Miami, the perfect refuge to live with their children

Mansion that Shakira did not sell in Miami the perfect

Shakira keeps her mansion in Miami Beach on one of the streets most coveted by celebrities, North Bay Road, which would be a special home if the rumor that she will return to live in Miami with her children Milan and Sasha comes true, after the announcement of his separation from the footballer of the … Read more

Justin Bieber: Ferrari announces that it will not sell more cars to the singer

the canadian Justin Bieber has received a sanction from the Italian house of exclusive vehicles, Ferrari, for painting his 458 Italia model neon blue. This taking into account that the company requires a standard of use and maintenance to all owners of cars of its brand. For example, they are prohibited from selling the car … Read more

Daddy Yankee tickets sell out before presale

After this May 4th the pre-sale of the tickets from daddy yankeetickets sold out sooner than expected, prompting a flurry of complaints. According to those Internet users who were looking for a ticket for the recitals that the Puerto Rican will offer in our country, when trying to buy tickets for the presaleThey found none. … Read more

Juan Osorio talks about Televisa’s “secret” catalog: “If she had been, I’d sell anything”

Juan Osorio talks about Televisas secret catalog If she had

Strong statements made by the Mexican producer television producer, John Osorio again caused great controversy after in an interview he spoke of the alleged “secret” catalog of Televisawhose existence is a rumor that has gained strength in recent years. It should be noted that it was never confirmed that the company had offered its actresses … Read more

Daddy Yankee manages to sell out on the first day of pre-sale of tickets for his concert in Lima

1648500234 Daddy Yankee manages to sell out on the first day

Daddy Yankee (Photo: Capture) This March 28, starting at 9 in the morning, the pre-sale of “La Última Vuelta, Daddy Yankee’s farewell concertwhich will present in Lima on October 18 at the National Stadium. A few hours later, the tickets were sold out after more than 300,000 people made the virtual queue on the Teleticket … Read more

Coachella Keys Collection: Music festival to sell tickets ‘for life’ on NFT

Coachella Keys Collection Music festival to sell tickets for life

Written in CRYPTO the 1/2/2022 8:25 p.m. This Tuesday, the international music festival Coachella announced that he will launch a cnon-fungible token collection. The concert organizer plans to offer three NFT collections that will go on sale on February 4 officially and not only that, these will be lifetime tickets to future events. Coachella jumps … Read more