Who is Chlöe Bailey, Beyoncé’s protégé who even seduced Michelle Obama?

Who is Chloe Bailey Beyonces protege who even seduced Michelle

If the sisters Chlöe and Halle Bailey made themselves known in 2013 thanks to their covers on YouTube, seducing Beyoncé in the wake, the duo of singers then made a place of choice in the middle thanks to their precocious talent and their voices. exceptional. Today, after several musical projects for two, Chlöe, then twenty-two … Read more

Gustavo Dudamel seduced Paris: 15 minutes of applause in a first concert with Hispanic airs

1632545804 Gustavo Dudamel seduced Paris 15 minutes of applause in a

Photo @gustavodudamel For an hour and a half, Gustavo Dudamel did not lose his smile. And despite the masks, the final fifteen minutes of applause revealed that the audience had not lost it either. The Venezuelan put the audience in his pocket at the opening concert of the Paris Opera season, which served as an … Read more