“Without Compassion”: Why was Diego Bertie moved when he finished filming? That and more secrets of the Peruvian film

Without Compassion Why was Diego Bertie moved when he finished

As protagonist was the remembered Diego Bertie, who at only 26 years old played the troubled Ramón Romano, based on Raskolnikov from the original novel, who beats his landlady to death, Mrs. Aliaga (Mariella Trejos) and her husband. In the middle of the plot are the young Sonia Martínez (Adriana Dávila), forced into prostitution due … Read more

The secrets of Rachel McAdams: her sports dream as a child, the explicit harassment she suffered in a casting and the actor she hated and then loved

The secrets of Rachel McAdams her sports dream as a scaled

Rachel McAdams at the premiere of “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness” in May 2022 in Los Angeles (Reuters) Rachel McAdams is a talented actress whose latest movie, “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness”, brought attention back to her. She will always be remembered for her roles as the popular girl Regina George … Read more

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck: the secrets of their honeymoon in Paris

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck the secrets of their honeymoon

No show for their 100% romantic honeymoon. Just tenderness on the banks of the Seine, with the children. A honeymoon masterpiece. The completely renovated Crillon palace, with a suite overlooking the Place de la Concorde and a balcony where Ben Affleck can smoke quietly, the famous gourmet restaurant of Cheval Blanc, at the top of … Read more

Beyoncé: her mother makes rare and promising secrets about her granddaughters Blue and Rumi

Beyonce her mother makes rare and promising secrets about her

In an interview with Oprah Daily, Tina Knowles-Lawson, Beyoncé’s mother, agreed to share some secrets about her granddaughters, Blue and Rumi. The opportunity to reveal that both are already big fashion fans, like their mom. Like mother, like daughters! Interplanetary star and followed by millions of fans on social networks, Beyonce is also a mom … Read more

“The Orphan” is real! Her story hides cannibalism, sects and more disturbing secrets

After years of relentless waiting and high expectations, The orphan 2: the origin” has released its first trailer, that promises to bring a more terrifying and bloody story than the previous one. The prequel tape brings back actress Isabelle Furhman (now 25 years old in real life) as little Esther and will tell how the … Read more

Pete Davidson soon to be a dad? These very unexpected secrets about his dearest desire

Pete Davidson soon to be a dad These very

Pete Davidson, Kim Kardashian’s new boyfriend, revealed his deepest desire during an interview with Kevin Hart on July 12. The comedian would like to start a family! For the past few months, Pete Davidson, 28, and Kim Kardashian, 41, don’t leave each other. Since the formalization of their relationship, the couple crosses an important course … Read more

This unhealthy nightmare on Prime Video is one of the best kept secrets in horror movies of the last decade

It’s almost a decade old, but this ‘Good night mom‘ (also known by its title in English, ‘Goodnight, mommy’, in its long passage through specialized festivals and auteur and cult film platforms such as Filmin) continues to maintain intact its ability to shock and unsettle even the most hardened fan of the horror movie Now … Read more

Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior, Renée Zellweger’s desperation and all the secrets of a classic with a revenge flavor

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruises obsessive behavior Renee Zellwegers desperation and

A film based on the world of sports, which in turn was a romantic film and at the same time touched on a sensitive issue such as morality and humanity in the business world. In 1996, Jerry Maguire came to the big screen to break paradigms and to propose a new way of making movies. … Read more

The 5 secrets you probably didn’t know about ‘Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness’

The 5 secrets you probably didnt know about Doctor Strange

The movie Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness by Sam Raimi is the first approach to a new place of Marvel. After the success of Phase 3, Phase 4 is a transition into unknown spaces. And that includes bringing the multiverse formula to the screen. An old acquaintance for fans of the world of … Read more

Bradley Cooper makes surprising secrets about a dark period of his life

Bradley Cooper makes surprising secrets about a dark period of

The 47-year-old star says she battled depression and a cocaine addiction in her late 20s. Bradley today talks about this dark period of his life and explains how he managed to overcome it. • Read also: Completely unrecognizable for his new role, Bradley Cooper is doing the rounds of the Web • Read also: Bradley … Read more