‘Across the sea’: all the details of the Netflix film

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Last February, Netflix experienced a real revolution with the premiere of the first film that adapts the literary saga of the Hidalgo Brothers by Ariana Godoy. With through my window A new series of films was started, especially aimed at the teenage audience that tried their luck on the platform, and the success was immediate. … Read more

Sea monster: what to watch if you enjoyed this heartwarming animated movie

The animated films have gained immense popularity, and not only Disney productions. Other companies have managed to create stories that not only appeal to the youngest, but also catch the attention of adults. The good thing about these types of films is that they allow you to create worlds that go beyond your imagination and … Read more

The movie that dethroned Sea Monster as the most watched on Netflix

A period film with a modern twist has become trend in Netflix and it has become the most watched movie on the streaming service worldwide, dethroning the animated film that had been dominating the ranking. Is about “Persuasion“, a film directed by Carrie Cracknell that premiered in Netflix last Friday and that has quickly become … Read more

Lady Gaga’s extravagant mansion facing the sea

Lady Gagas extravagant mansion facing the sea

the extravagant Mansion of Lady Gaga It is located in front of the sea in Malibu and, among several unbelievable curiosities, it has a bowling alley and even its own batcave. Know in detail every corner of this beautiful property that will leave you breathless. an extravagant inspiration The residence was built in 2005 and … Read more

The Steven Spielberg movie that increased the fear of going into the sea

The movie Sharkwithout a doubt, put on the Hollywood map steven spielberg. And it is that the story of that great white shark terrorized an entire New England resort town and instantly became a box office hit, but, also increased the fear of going into the sea. Shark It was the highest grossing film in … Read more

“Not even the sea is so salty”: a young Mexican ruins her Bad Bunny concert tickets

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Photo: Getty Images / TikTok video capture via @sammybrmz “Come with me to see this sad story,” wrote a young woman from Monterey, Nuevo León, named Samantha Barbosa on her Twitter account. TikTok Along with a video in which you can see two tickets issued by the Superboletos company for the concert that Bad Bunny … Read more

Maluma celebrates a historic concert in Medellín resting in a house facing the sea

Maluma celebrates a historic concert in Medellin resting in a

Maluma recently released the movie ‘Marry Me’ Photo: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images The Colombian Maluma lived the most important moment of his career on April 30, when he gathered 54,000 people at the Medallo en el mapa, Medellín. At the same time, the concert reached 240 countries via streaming on Amazon Prime. During that night the … Read more

Netflix: The successful premiere movie that will bring you a SEA of tears; What would you do if you lose the love of your life?

Netflix The successful premiere movie that will bring you a

It is increasingly common to see that more options arise to see contents and have streaming entertainment; however, despite the competition, Netflix continues to be one of the platforms with the highest demand at an international level, mainly because it is committed to various releases of cinema, from the most recent to the classics. Let’s … Read more

Netflix reveals release date and trailer for “The Sea Beast”

Netflix reveals release date and trailer for The Sea Beast

Netflix reveals release date and trailer for “The Sea Beast” Recently the famous platform from Netflix has announced the trailer and the release date of his new animated film with the director of “Big Hero 6”, which is called “The Sea Beast”. There is no doubt that Netflix has taken a powerful week of animation … Read more

“Nos ha permitido hacer cosas rarísimas”: Oscar Isaac celebra que ‘Caballero Luna’ sea una serie y no una película

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El próximo 30 de marzo llega a Disney+ ‘Caballero Luna’ (‘Moon Knight’) para mostrarnos un nuevo aspecto del universo Marvel con más inclinado hacia el territorio del terror y la fantasía. Con el estreno prácticamente encima, Oscar Isaac ha hablado un poco más de cómo ha sido su experiencia durante la producción y de las diferencias entre hacer una película y rodar una serie de televisión.

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