Actor Bill Murray got screwed! He lost $186,000 in ETH

Actor Bill Murray got screwed He lost 186000 in ETH

American comedian Bill Murray said that bad people managed to break into his wallet and stole over $180,000 worth of Ethereum. According to reliable sources, the actor recently held an NFT auction in which most of the funds recovered were in the wallet in question. The statement showed that the hacker drained 90% of all … Read more

“I screwed up”: Belinda regrets what happened with Nodal

Belinda completely regrets her courtship with Christian Nodal. The actress and singer openly declared having made bad decisions that she now considers “mistakes” almost half a year after her breakup with the Mexican regional interpreter. “Yes, I regret, and I say it from the heart, of having exposed that topic as I did,” he said … Read more

Belinda confesses that she is sorry for what she did with Christian Nodal: “I screwed up”

Belinda confesses that she is sorry for what she did

Belinda Peregrin in Madrid. (Photo by David Benito/Getty Images) BY Guillermina Ortiz-. “I screwed it up”. A simple phrase with a very sincere word with which Belinda describes the magazine ‘Vogue’ in the Spanish edition of her media relationship with Christian Nodal. It is the first time that the singer, actress, businesswoman has spoken openly … Read more

These 6 stars “screwed up” the casting of a big movie: Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio, Henry Cavill…

These 6 stars screwed up the casting of a big

You can be a top Hollywood star and completely screw up the cast of a big production. The proof by 6 with in particular the bad experiences lived by Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio and Henry Cavill… Do you know the amazing commonality shared by Tom Holland, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jake Gyllenhaal ? These three actors … Read more

George Clooney looks back on his role as Batman: ‘screwed him up so much they won’t let me near set’

George Clooney looks back on his role as Batman screwed

George Clooney is here talking again about his role as “Batman”. This time, the 60-year-old filmmaker was at the DGA Theater in New York after the screening of his next film, as a director, “The Tender Bar”. with Ben Affleck, Tye Sheridan (« Ready Player One »), Lily Rabe (« American Horror Story ») et Christopher Lloyd (« Retour vers … Read more