When Ridley Scott is not enough: six films he almost directed that ended up in the hands of other filmmakers

1638275910 When Ridley Scott is not enough six films he almost

Ridley Scott Today he is 84 years old, an age at which many directors have already retired, some of their own free will and others against their will. However, he is still unstoppable and this 2021 he has released two films, ‘The last duel’ and ‘The Gucci house’. In addition, it already has other projects … Read more

Blade Runner and Alien to become TV series, says Ridley Scott

Blade Runner and Alien to become TV series says Ridley

Blade Runner and Alien are coming to television. Director Ridley Scott has confirmed it: the television series of both franchises are underway but it will take time to arrive. Scott hasn’t said when we’ll be able to see them on our screens. As Scott revealed on BBC Radio 4’s Today show, they have already written … Read more

Ridley Scott resigned from “Dune” because Mexico City “was pretty stinky”

Ridley Scott resigned from Dune because Mexico City was pretty

Ridley Scott confessed that he left the production of “Dune” with Dino de Laurentiis because he did not like Mexico City as a place to work (Photo: EFE / Facundo Arrizabalanga) The first time that Dune was adapted into film was completely filmed in Mexico Due to the fact that the costs were the best, … Read more

Criticism: Review of “La casa Gucci” (“House of Gucci”), by Ridley Scott, with Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and Al Pacino

Criticism Review of La casa Gucci House of Gucci by

A few weeks after the premiere of The last duel, the veteran director of Alien, the eighth passenger, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise and Gladiator premiered this story about alliances and betrayals within one of the leading fashion empires. The Gucci house (House of Gucci, United States / 2021). Director: Ridley Scott. Cast: Lady Gaga, … Read more

Duna: Ridley Scott abandoned his “very good” version because CDMX sucked | Tomatazos

Duna Ridley Scott abandoned his very good version because CDMX

If someone does not mince words is Ridley Scott. The British director is famous, not only for his sci-fi and period epics, but for the scathing of his opinions. The turn now is for the Mexican studios that left him with such a bad taste in his mouth, or rather smell, that he has revealed … Read more

‘La Casa Gucci’: Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic that cries out to be disheveled with more bombast camp

1637876716 La Casa Gucci Ridley Scott cleverly solves a family epic

In a moment of ‘The Gucci House‘(House of Gucci) Adam Driver’s character attends a fashion runway, and between the flashes and the darkness he seems to glimpse a Lady Gaga bathed in flashes of light that allow him to see a sinister smile, in what seems almost a diabolical appearance very much in keeping with … Read more

Ridley Scott: “The history of the Gucci is like that of the Borgias or the Medici: they murdered each other to prosper”

1637840102 Ridley Scott The history of the Gucci is like that

Ridley Scott appears on the video call, and the English filmmaker, who will turn 84 next week, appears smiling and happy. He’s in a studio in Los Angeles promoting The Gucci house, which opens tomorrow Friday in Spain, and the launch of The last duel. The talk with this newspaper takes place in the early … Read more

Filmmaker Ridley Scott blames millennials for failure of his movie “The Last Duel”

Filmmaker Ridley Scott blames millennials for failure of his movie

Filmmaker Ridley Scott attributed the commercial failure of his film “The Last Duel” to the apathy of the millennial public, who, in his opinion, “never want to be taught anything unless you tell them on their phone.” The director of films such as “Blade Runner” and “Gladiator” assured that he is satisfied with the promotional … Read more

Could the tragedy have been prevented during the Travis Scott concert at Astroworld? – BBC News World

1637455742 Could the tragedy have been prevented during the Travis Scott

Mark Savage BBC Music Reporter 10 November 2021 Image source, Getty Images Caption, Scott while performing in Houston, Texas Rap superstar Travis Scott has continued to perform for 40 minutes after Houston police and firefighters began responding to a “multiple casualty” incident at the Astroworld music festival on Friday. By the time he stepped off … Read more

Astroworld: 9-year-old boy killed in Travis Scott music festival, family says

Astroworld 9 year old boy killed in Travis Scott music festival family

EFE Latam Videos Putin wants to leave Russians with no memory of Soviet repressions Moscow, Nov 20 (EFE) .- Vladimir Putin’s Kremlin wants to leave the Russians without memory of the Soviet repressions. The oldest human rights organization in Russia, Memorial, which is dedicated to the rehabilitation of the millions of victims of this country, … Read more