Yellowstone: The intense criticism of fans for conflict with Kevin Costner behind the scenes

Yellowstone The intense criticism of fans for conflict with Kevin

Yellowstone is currently on hiatus. From the beginning, it was planned that the filming of the second part of season 5 would begin in March, but due to the conflict between the production and Kevin Costner, there will be an inevitable delay in the premiere, something that has upset the fans. March 16, 2023 01:20 … Read more

From PlayStation to HBO Max. This is how the most iconic scenes of The Last of Us have been recreated in the television series

From PlayStation to HBO Max This is how the most

Bringing a video game to television is not easy. Many have tried, and many of those who have reached that milestone have had to weigh delicate challenges and changes. The Last of Us series to HBO Max It has hit right in the center of the target. Far from being a shot-by-shot adaptation, Naughty Dog … Read more

It is one of the most unfair theater flops in recent years: a film full of unforgettable scenes and songs arrives on HBO Max

It is one of the most unfair theater flops in

There are many good films that have failed at the box office as a result of changes in the public’s habits since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. some were bad but others deserved much better luck and today I come to talk to you about one of her. Is about ‘In a neighborhood of … Read more

Seth Rogen On Fabelmans And Steven Spielberg’s Inhuman Ability To Build Scenes – GameSpot

Seth Rogen On Fabelmans And Steven Spielbergs Inhuman Ability To

Oscar-winning director Steven SpielbergThe next feature to hit theaters could very well be the acclaimed filmmaker’s most personal endeavor yet. The Fabelmans is an intimate insight into Spielberg’s own upbringing and a mirror he holds to his most formative years spent honing what would later become an acclaimed career in film. Co-written by Spielberg and … Read more

Sexual tension, a “reified” Brad Pitt and an actress who preferred to retire: behind the scenes of Legends of the Fall

Sexual tension a reified Brad Pitt and an actress who

In Legends of the Fall, Brad Pitt played Tristan Ludlow, the second of the three sons of the colonel played by Anthony Hopkins. Brad Pitt was the rebellious son, the adventurer and the handsome Plato wrote in the Feast, perhaps one of his best known works, that if “there is something worth living for, it … Read more

Behind the scenes of the Montaner family: endless travel and tours, global fame and unlimited faith in God

Behind the scenes of the Montaner family endless travel and

For the patriarch of the Montaner family, Ricardo MontanerTelling his life, that of his family and what they have achieved in the musical world in a film has been a dream for decades. That dream took shape last Wednesday through a docuseries released by the Disney+ platform. Under the name of The Montaners —as it … Read more

Behind the scenes: the escape from Paris of a thief and his American girlfriend that changed the history of cinema

Behind the scenes the escape from Paris of a thief

>THE NATION>shows>Cinema November 8, 202208:51 He is tired, in love, and decides to stop running away. But she doubts his love. Nothing would happen if he were not a criminal hunted for the murder of a policeman and she, a captivating but evanescent young American. And the story would be ordinary, almost trivial, if it … Read more

Netflix and its Taiwanese horror movie that users ask not to see for its traumatic scenes

We recently recommended the best horror movies to watch on halloween. Inside that top was a taiwanese Ribbon, that to this day is one of the horror gems hidden in the immense catalog of Netflix. If the November releases do not completely convince you, this could be one of your best alternatives to watch in … Read more

The Marvel actor who refuses to shoot kissing or romantic scenes

Whether it’s a romantic, action or suspense movie, they are almost always accompanied by a hint of romance. Whether it’s because the protagonist has a romantic interest or whatever, the public has already become accustomed to movies containing kissing scenes or romantic interactions. This has led to all kinds of interactions between the actors. Some … Read more