‘Blonde’, Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy: Is the rape scene based on real events?

Blonde Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy Is the rape scene based

Marilyn Monroe and the story behind Kennedy’s happy birthday Marilyn Monro’s autopsy: what did she die of? The biopic on the life of Marilyn Monroe Blonde starring Ana de Armas, inspired by the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates, is raising many doubts, most of them unreasonable, about the real life of the actress. The … Read more

Marilyn Monroe’s oral sex scene that destroys the Kennedy myth in the new Netflix movie

Marilyn Monroes oral sex scene that destroys the Kennedy myth

The Pin September 28 2022, 11:50 am Ana de Armas is Marilyn Monroe in ‘Blonde’ – Netflix Almost everything was told about Marilyn Monroe; of norma jeanne, his real name, almost nothing. Maybe that’s why in ‘ Blonde‘, the film that Netflix premieres this Wednesday, the director Andrew Dominic He needs about three hours to … Read more

The reason why Sienna Miller broke down in tears when she filmed this scene with Ben Affleck

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Many film critics say that Ben Affleck is one of the most talented actors of his generation, but they also confirm that he is one of the most conflictive actors, and this is because the protagonist of “Gone Girl” has a very strong personality. The fact that Ben Affleck be considered a person of character … Read more

Tom Holland’s most dangerous stunt scene in Uncharted

The action genre always fascinates viewers, especially when it is done to perfection and the actors manage to make an impact in each of the scenes. One of the stars that is shining in films of this type is Tom Hollandwho went from being spider-man to become Nathan Drake. This character is part of the … Read more

Emma Watson couldn’t wait for a ‘Harry Potter’ scene to end

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To say that Emma Watson shot many scenes for Harry Potter It would be a gross understatement. The actor spent a whole decade filming the most popular movies. Because she was part of the golden trio, she appeared in the vast majority of all eight films. Overall, Watson really enjoyed and appreciated working on the … Read more

The mythical scene that Leonardo DiCaprio improvised and was applauded in full filming

The name of Leonardo Dicaprio is undoubtedly one of the most important in recent years. His countless performances, his memorable roles and characters, and his activism for climate change are some of the many actions that make the 47-year-old actor one of the most influential in the world. But going back to his professional level, … Read more

This is how the hilarious scene in the bookstore was made in the comedy Top Secret!

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The comedy genre has great exponents, and although many people do not understand it, one of the best titles is the 1984 film, Top-Secret!. This film from the trio of writers and directors ZAZ – David Zucker, Jim Abrahams and Jerry Zucker– is responsible for parodying spy stories, war stories and not forgetting musicals. Those … Read more

The reason why Sienna Miller came out crying after filming a romantic scene with Ben Affleck

If there is an actress with a lot of versatility, it is Sienna Millerwho has participated in a large number of films and television series such as Alfie, G.I. Joe, american sniper, Anatomy of a Scandal, among many other titles. And the same could be said of Ben Affleckwho has worked as an actor and … Read more

Margot Robbie and a scene that left her on the brink of censorship

If we talk about talented actresses today, the name of margot robbie it is one that is often on the lips of producers, directors and even actors and actresses who want to work with her. The Australian performer He made his debut on the small screen and did not hesitate to make the leap and … Read more

American Sniper: when Bradley Cooper made fun of a scene deemed ridiculous – CinéSéries

American Sniper when Bradley Cooper made fun of a scene

Bradley Cooper plays sniper Chris Kyle in “American Sniper.” Upon its release, Clint Eastwood’s film raised many questions and several controversies, including one related to the use of a plastic baby in a strange scene. american sniper : Bradley Cooper metamorphosed After looking at the life of J. Edgar Hoover, then that of Frankie Valli, … Read more