‘The Cowboys’: John Wayne gave Bruce Dern permission to ‘Kick the S***’ out of it to scare child actors – Noufelle FR

The Cowboys John Wayne gave Bruce Dern permission to Kick

The Cowboys received praise for the adventure starring John Wayne and Bruce Dern. However, the third act swung in a more violent direction than most images of the legendary Western movie star. Wayne wanted Dern to look as intimidating as possible on set, so he gave him full permission to “publicly kick him” in front … Read more

“They hired her to scare children”: Alfredo Adame attacked Laura Bozzo after finding her on a plane

They hired her to scare children Alfredo Adame attacked Laura

Photos: Darkroom Once again, Alfredo Adame is in the public eye, because after it became known that he recently shared a plane with the controversial Laura Bozzo, the former driver of Today He did not hesitate to criticize the Peruvian. It was during a brief interview that Carlos Trejo’s enemy had with the Youtube called … Read more

‘What a scare, aunt!’: all about Netflix’s Lana Condor youth comedy

What a scare aunt all about Netflixs Lana Condor youth

Many stories revolve around events that change the protagonist’s life, but a new Netflix limited series takes this idea a little more literally. What a scare, aunt! is a supernatural comedy about a high school student determined to come out of her wallflower shell. She just doesn’t know that the shell is her physical form. … Read more

The scare that Aida Victoria Merlano had with an admirer after attending the Karol G concert

The scare that Aida Victoria Merlano had with an admirer

In the image, the influencer from Barranquilla, Aida Victoria Merlano. Photo: Instagram Aida Victoria As an influencer, Aida Victoria Merlano He remains very present in all his social networks, although not only to publish his videos of reflections, sketches of comedy or advertising alliances, but also uses his Instagram account to narrate anecdotes or stories … Read more

Eduin Caz, from Grupo Firme, was given a scare while checking his cell phone

Eduin Caz from Grupo Firme was given a scare while

Eduin Caz Photo: David Becker/Getty Images Eduin Caz, the vocalist of the Mexican group Grupo Firme, received a scare by some members of the band while he was sitting down checking his cell phone. The Mexican singer was sitting in a small room and had all his attention on his mobile phone. While that was … Read more