What happened to Pilar Soto: the ‘Grand Prix’ stewardess who fell into drugs and religion saved her

The world of television continues to bear in mind the possible return of the ‘Grand Prix‘, that phenomenon that brought together entire families around the television in their homes with an already legendary presenter like Ramon Garciawho was accompanied by Pilar Sotothe hostess of the program. We already know that he is still linked to … Read more

The Blues Brothers: when Dan Aykroyd saved the life of Carrie Fisher – CinéSéries

The Blues Brothers when Dan Aykroyd saved the life of

In “The Blues Brothers”, Carrie Fisher is in pursuit of the brothers played by John Belushi and Dan Aykroyd. During the filming, the latter saved the life of the actress, before asking her to marry. The Blues Brothers : two brothers on a mission for God With The Blues Brothersreleased in 1980, John Belushi and … Read more

Don Ramón’s daughter tells the whole truth about her father’s departure from “El Chavo del 8” and nothing is saved

The Chavo of 8 is a Mexican sitcom television series created by and starring Roberto Gomez Bolanos. The program deals with the experiences of a group of people who live in a Mexican neighborhood where its protagonist, The Chavo del 8, carries out pranks together with his friends that cause misunderstandings and arguments between the … Read more

The story of how Steven Spielberg saved his first successful film thanks to Alfred Hitchcock

The race of the great steven spielberg has presented works of art that have remained etched in everyone’s memory, but without a doubt the one that started it all was jaws (Jaws) from 1975. Everyone knows that this film was a huge success for the director, but not everyone knows what Steven went through to … Read more

Jeff Bridges admits fan love ‘saved’ his life as he battled COVID and cancer – Reuters News in France and abroad

Jeff Bridges admits fan love saved his life as he

NEWYou can now listen to Fox News articles! Jeff Bridges has had a harder time dealing with his battle with COVID-19 than he has with cancer. Bridges opened up about his “difficult” battle with coronavirus as he battled non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in a recent interview. “Well, dealing with cancer, you know, having chemotherapy treatments that stripped … Read more

Warner Music or how ‘streaming’ has saved record companies

Warner Music or how streaming has saved record companies

Yes, as the song Video Killed the Radio Star said, the video killed the radio star. At the dawn of the new millennium, digital disruption did the same to the recorded music industry. The emergence of Napster in 1999 and the proliferation of file sharing drove the drop in revenue for three decades, in which … Read more

Michelle Yeoh Said Jackie Chan Saved Her Life While Filming ‘Supercop’ – Home

Michelle Yeoh has built her career on impressive action performances. The best work of the actress lives on in her memory mainly for the ballet movement that she displays in movies like Hidden Dragon Crouching Tiger, but also because of the element of danger that comes with doing such amazing stunts. Michelle Yeoh | Rich … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal Saved a Sweet Note From Co-Star Billy Crystal After Finishing Their First Movie – Home

They say it’s important to remember where you come from, and Jake Gyllenhaal has certainly internalized that message. The actor has many performances to be proud of in his career, but the first movie he was in holds a special place in his heart for a couple of reasons. Decades later, Gyllenhaal still counts a … Read more

M. Shadows of Avenged Sevenfold: “Streaming saved the music industry” | rock garage

m shadowsleader and vocalist of the band avenged sevenfoldspoke in an interview about how the services of «streaming saved the music industry» and about how there are still heavy bands that don’t want to adapt. • READ ALSO: M. Shadows Says Avenged Sevenfold’s Next Album Has Kanye West Influence. The singer shadows participated in the … Read more

Guillermo Dávila remembers the ‘miracle’ that saved his life in Puerto Rico, before his next concert in that country | People | Entertainment

Venezuelan actor and singer William Davilawho will perform in Puerto Rico on May 29, still remembers how eight years ago he spent three weeks in a hospital on the island for a serious lung condition and assures EFE that surviving was “a miracle”. It was in November 2014 when Dávila was preparing to present his … Read more