Sandra Zaiter dies at the age of 78

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sandra zaiter He died this afternoon at the age of 78. The children’s program entertainer, singer, composer, writer, musician and pedagogue was confined in a hospital in the metropolitan area, confirmed to The new day a source close to the artist. Zaiter has been one of the most beloved figures on Puerto Rican television and … Read more

Sandra Bullock : Ses 30 meilleurs films à voir et à revoir

Sandra Bullock Ses 30 meilleurs films a voir et

Sandra Annette Bullock est née en Virginie à Arlington le 26 juillet 1964. A 57 ans, l’actrice est l’une des plus connues au monde. Grâce à ses nombreux rôles, elle a su s’imposer sur la scène hollywoodienne et devenir une icône. C’est en 1994 après plusieurs petits rôles que sa carrière décolle quand elle joue … Read more

Sandra Echeverría suffered abuse from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch

Sandra Echeverria suffered abuse from Aaron Taylor Johnson and Taylor Kitsch

Sandra Echeverría says that Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Taylor Kitsch “were two jerks” during the filming of Salvajes In the presentation of the seriesthe lady , Sandra Echeverria He talked about how it was to work with the actors Aaron Taylor Johnson Y taylor kitsch during the filming of Wild, where she played a girl who … Read more

Sandra Echeverría y la amistad con Meghan Markle que la ayudó en sus momentos más duros en Hollywood

Sandra Echeverria y la amistad con Meghan Markle que la

Sandra Echeverría durante una conferencia de prensa en febrero de 2020 en Ciudad de México. (Foto: Medios y Media/Getty Images). Hollywood es considerada la meca del cine, posiblemente es el lugar al que llegan millones de actrices y actores con la esperanza de algún día convertirse en la próxima estrella como lo fueron Elizabeth Taylor … Read more

Why Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock didn’t bet on their love when they fell in love

Keanu Reeves Y Sandra Bullock They are two great stars of the world of Hollywood. Today, production companies pay millions to have them in their projects, which with their mere presence become a real success, not to mention if they work together. Although the actress is currently promoting her new movie, Bullet Trainin which he … Read more

Keanu Reeves Just Revealed His Favorite Co-Star, And It’s Not Sandra Bullock

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ads The film career of Keanu Reeves It’s been a wild ride for fans. Despite enjoying several iconic movie roles, the actor has also faced major box office disappointments along the way. Thankfully, he’s back in favor with moviegoers, thanks in no small part to the franchise. John Wick. Still, Reeves has worked with some … Read more

Sandra Echeverría reveals that she suffered ‘bullying’ from Aaron Taylor-Johnson and another Hollywood actor

Elon Musk asi es trabajar con el hombre mas rico

Many are the actors who, with the intention of consolidating their careers, decide to take the leap abroad in search of new opportunities; such is the case of Sandra Echeverría, who a few years ago went to the United States to try to conquer Hollywood. The also singer was able to get some projects, one … Read more

Sandra Bullock at the end of the line: this announcement about her career that we did not see coming

Sandra Bullock at the end of the line this announcement

Last March, at 57, Sandra Bullock announced a break in her acting profession in the near future, at the microphone of The Hollywood Reporter. However, she admits that she does not want to retire. With nearly 50 films to his credit, Sandra Bullock57, announces that he wants take a career break to better have time … Read more