Lily Collins walks in San Miguel de Allende and stirs up her fans

San Miguel de Allende.- The actress Lily Collins He barely showed a few seconds of his stay in San Miguel de Allende and his Mexican fans could not contain the emotion. Through your official account Instagramthe British star shared with her millions of followers a clip in the form of a ‘flip book’ in which … Read more

Lots of good music at the Galán Fest de Pedrajas de San Esteban

Lots of good music at the Galan Fest de Pedrajas

The Madrid band Quartet Tarantino during their performance in the vermouth session of the IV Galán Fest.. / Catherine Cross The performances of the bands Quartet Tarantino, Cabeza de Gallo, Lady Banana, Messura and Los Desgraciaus filled the Saturday With a lot of animation and good weather as a great companion, alternative music popularly known … Read more

With an emotional speech, Chino Darín defended democracy upon receiving the public award for Argentina, 1985 in San Sebastián

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

After winning an important award for the Argentine film, the actor spoke about the film and moved those present Richard Chinese Darin is part of the cast of the film that will be released next Thursday in our country Argentina, 1985, which could be nominated for the Oscar Awards and deals with the Judgment of … Read more

The promised land of the Colombian ‘The kings of the world’ wins the Golden Shell of San Sebastián

Christian Bale reveals the two great Marvel cameos that were

The Kings of the worldsecond feature film the Colombian Laura Mora, has been crowned with the Golden Shell of the 70th edition of the San Sebastian Film Festival. From the very day of its screening, this road movies about the search for the lost paradise, that promised land that is stubbornly pursued by a group … Read more

“Argentina, 1985” won the audience award in San Sebastián

Argentina 1985 won the audience award in San Sebastian

The film directed by Santiago Miter is based on the historic Jucio a las Juntas, when the responsibilities of the nine military chiefs who led the military dictatorship that ruled Argentina between 1976 and 1983 were determined. Argentina, 1985directed by Santiago Miter with Ricardo Darin like the prosecutor Julius Caesar Strassera Y Peter Lanzani In … Read more

The film “Argentina 1985” won the audience award at the San Sebastian Festival

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

And, highlighting the importance of this recognition, he expressed his gratitude “to all the viewers who voted for it and who make Argentina, 1985 join a list that includes films such as El padre, El Artista, 3 adverts por un muerte, Diarios de Motorcycle or Little Miss Sunshine, among others”. “We are more than happy … Read more

Unai Canela, the youngest director of the San Sebastián festival and the man who loves animals

Unai Canela the youngest director of the San Sebastian festival

The life of Unai Canela (Barcelona, ​​18 years old), if it were not true, would seem written for a great movie. Son of the renowned nature photographer Andoni Canela, as a child he began to accompany his father on his travels, and his father soon understood that, in addition to the protagonist of the adventures … Read more

Sebastián Lelio warms up San Sebastián with ‘The Wonder’, a powerful plea against fanaticism

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

Successfully adapted books like Angela’s ashesMemoirs of Frank McCourt, or brooklynby Colm Tóibín, have shown us the poverty of a Ireland punished by famines and its eternal conflict with the English. The Wonderdirected by the Chilean Sebastian Leliowinner of an Oscar for best foreign film for a fantastic woman (2013), takes us to one of … Read more

Juliette Binoche is honored at the San Sebastián Festival for her nearly four-decade career | Cinema –

Juliette Binoche is honored at the San Sebastian Festival for

Juliette Binoche is honored at the San Sebastián Festival for her nearly four-decade career | Movie theater Juliette Binoche, a versatile actress who made the transition from French cinema to English cinema, was honored this Sunday (18) with the honorary Donostia prize for her nearly four-decade career at the San Sebastián Film Festival. The French … Read more

In San Sebastian, Latin documentary fiction hits with “Pornomelancolía”, “El Caso Padilla” and “Ruido”

In San Sebastian Latin documentary fiction hits with Pornomelancolia El

Clip from the movie “Pornomelancholia”, directed by Manuel Abramovich From San Sebastian, Spain. Through films that deal, in different ways and using different formats, with relevant issues of real life, a good part of the best Latin American cinema that is being seen in the world seems to move. San Sebastian Festival. movies like pornmelancholy, … Read more