“Everyone was shocked”: how the realism of ‘Saving Private Ryan’ gave rise to a helpline for veterans traumatized by the Steven Spielberg film

Everyone was shocked how the realism of Saving Private Ryan

To say that ‘Saving Private Ryan’ is one of the great masterpieces of the prolific war genre is not some baseless outburst. Of the same, it is not unreasonable to affirm that its extraordinary sequence set in the Normandy landings managed to outshine the rest of its brilliant 170 minutes of footage with one of … Read more

Ryan Reynolds confesses that he hates a well-known Hollywood actor with whom he does not want to work again

1673951667 Ryan Reynolds confesses that he hates a well known Hollywood actor

ryan reynolds, preparing Deadpool 3 with Hugh Jackman, has revealed that there is a Hollywood star with whom he would never work again due to how unbearable it was to shoot with him. Reynolds, like that directors like James Gunn and actors like Brad Pitt, does not want to coincide with a well-known interpreter. And … Read more

The Cyclades: a film with Ryan Gosling played on the choice of casting

To see on Disney from January 13 to 19

On the occasion of the release of “Cyclades”, here are five things to know about this female buddy movie led by Laure Calamy, Olivia Côte and Kristin Scott Thomas. Memento Distribution The Cyclades by Marc Fitoussi With Laure Calamy, Olivia Côte, Kristin Scott Thomas… What is it about ? As teenagers, Blandine and Magalie were … Read more

To see on Disney+ from January 13 to 19: Ryan Gosling in an RPG, a crazy animated series, the sequel to the new Star Wars series…

To see on Disney from January 13 to 19

This week, a new animated series is joining Disney+ and should appeal to lovers of dark and twisted humor. Moreover, the platform makes you travel to the Amazon, without forgetting to take a tour of the Star Wars galaxy with The Bad Batch. Little Demon Who says animated series does not necessarily say children’s program. … Read more

Ryan Reynolds is really interested in acquiring the Senators

Mark Zuckerberg thinks there are people who shouldnt be working

Reynolds is genuinely interested in acquiring the Ottawa Senators, which could be put up for sale soon. • Read also: Actor Ryan Reynolds interested in the Senators? According to the daily Ottawa Sunlegal representatives of the actor, who notably plays Deadpool in the film series of the same name, “may have already contacted the National … Read more

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson in a remake of The Falling Man

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor Johnson in a remake of The

Ryan Gosling and Aaron Taylor-Johnson have been cast in the cinematic remake of the cult 1980s series The Falling Man. Directed by David Leitch, they will co-star with Emily Blunt. Recently, Aaron Taylor-Johnson starred in Bullet Train (2022), the action movie worn by Brad Pitt and directed by David Leitch. The American actor, revealed thanks … Read more

Deadpool 3: Ryan Reynolds expresses his joy to find Hugh Jackman in the cast

Deadpool 3 Ryan Reynolds expresses his joy to find Hugh

In an interview with the American site Collider, Ryan Reynolds spoke about the presence of Hugh Jackman in the credits of “Deadpool 3”, in which he will exceptionally take over the role of Wolverine. The enthusiasm is palpable. In an interview with the American site Collider, Ryan Reynolds could not hide his joy at being … Read more

10 Actors Besides Ryan Gosling Who Could Play Ghost Rider In The MCU – GameSpot

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

The Marvel Ghost Rider character begins as motorcycle stuntman Johnny Blaze, who sells his soul to Mephisto in exchange for his stepfather’s cancer cure. Mephisto binds him to the demon Zarathos, who transforms Blaze into Ghost Rider when evil is near so he can send him back to Hell. Clad in leather with a flaming … Read more

John Krasinski’s Jack Ryan Is The Best Version Of The Character – GameSpot

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck work together again entering fully

Tom ClancyJack Ryan’s literary hero has been one of the most popular protagonists in modern spy fiction. Prior to his tragic death in 2013, Clancy wrote over a dozen novels in the main series and the larger “Ryanverse” he created. While heroes like John Clark and Domingo Chavez had their fans, none of Clancy’s other … Read more