Qué ver en Netflix: la sensacional elegía rural de Ron Howard por la que Glenn Close fue nominada tanto al Óscar como al Razzie

Que ver en Netflix la sensacional elegia rural de Ron

Una de las mejores cosas de la cultura streaming es la posibilidad de recuperar, con la adecuada distancia, títulos que fueron malentendidos por lo efímero del momento, los incordios de la globalización y el caprichoso maniqueísmo de los enfoques. Tal es el caso de ‘Hillbilly, una elegía rural‘, nacida para ser odiada desde el minuto … Read more

“We always buy gasoline more expensive than the big stations”: the blues of small stations in rural areas in the face of rising fuel prices

We always buy gasoline more expensive than the big stations

He can no longer fill up with customers. A year ago, Bernard bought the only service station in an isolated village in the Drôme Provençale. But since fuel prices have soared, the customer is therefore rare and goodbye good deal. “The small stations, we always buy more expensive gasoline than the big stationsBernard explains. Automatically, … Read more

The concerts of the Aire Rural cycle return to various locations this weekend | The Adelantado of Segovia

The concerts of the Aire Rural cycle return to various

Aire Rural, the Caja Rural Foundation’s musical summer, continues this weekend in Campo de San Pedro, Riaza, Ayllón, Navalmanzano and Chañe. Today Friday the appointment is in the Plaza Mayor of Campo de San Pedro, at 9:00 p.m. with the group ‘Rock & Wine’. Tomorrow Saturday in Riaza, at 9.30 pm ‘Encinillas Jazz Project’ performs. … Read more

They launch ‘Compromiso rural’, the program that will employ 1,500 young people from the Colombian countryside

They launch Compromiso rural the program that will employ 1500

Sugar cane in the Valle del Cauca. / Colprensa The President of the Republic, Iván Duque, presented this Saturday, July 10, from Tuluá, the ‘Rural Commitment’ program, with which the national government seeks to create 1,500 new jobs for young people between 18 and 28 years old old in Valle del Cauca, Cauca and Risaralda. … Read more

‘Aire rural’ takes up the concerts in the province of Segovia

1625834264 Aire rural takes up the concerts in the province of

The group ‘Toca2’ will perform tomorrow at Las Piscinas de Escalona del Prado. / THE ADVANCE ‘cry in three‘, a group made up of Brazilian musicians (adopted by Segovians) Ronny Vasquez (percussion) and Fernando de la Rua (seven-string guitar) and the European Hector Lopez (clarinet), will perform today at 8:30 p.m. a repertoire of “Cry”, … Read more

‘The End’: Netflix proposes a tense post-apocalypse set in rural Spain

1624137683 The End Netflix proposes a tense post apocalypse set in rural

The post-apocalyptic genre is not common in Spanish cinema, but the truth is that our fantastic cinema has a key piece with a film of this type: ‘La hora incognita’ from 1963, by Mariano Ozores, a small wonder, pessimistic and dark but at the same time very funny. Other films that have dealt with the … Read more