Video: the embarrassing fight that took place at a Rosalía concert in the United States

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A concert, in the middle of the musical tour Motomami World Tour –the third round of shows live with which he will visit Europe, North America and Latin America-, of the renowned Spanish singer Rosalía, was “stained” by an embarrassing fight that generated disorder and chaos among the audience. The events occurred during a presentation … Read more

Taylor Swift sweeps the MTV EMA 2022 awards and Rosalía is left with nothing

Taylor Swift sweeps the MTV EMA 2022 awards and Rosalia

Rosalia You can already tell that you lost once. Not that it’s a big disappointment either. We are talking about the MTV Europe Music Awards 2022, better known as the MTV EMA, awards with relative relevance. If anything they have a curricular importance, to make a bundle. You already know: winner of gazillions MTV awards. … Read more

Rosalía, David Guetta, Ava Max y Anitta se hacen con la noche de LOS40 Music Awards

Rosalia David Guetta Ava Max y Anitta se hacen con

Rosalía dominaba la lista de candidaturas con siete nominaciones a LOS40 Music Awards y finalmente la noche del viernes se hizo con dos premios y uno extra: mejor álbum por Motomami, mejor gira y un Golden Music Award. La artista compartió protagonismo con el DJ David Guetta y con Ava Max, quienes lograron cada uno … Read more

Rosalía will also go on tour in 2023

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The tour mommy is being a worldwide success. And not only do we say it from LOS40 that we sponsor the concerts of Rosalia throughout Spain but rather that her adventure through America is generating tremendous expectation and filling every venue that the Catalan soloist steps on. Anecdotes, viral videos and raw emotions occur almost … Read more

Video l In full concert, Rosalía changed Versace glasses for a kiss

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A few weeks ago, Rosalía was in Colombia and her presentation generated a lot of expectation among her fans in the country. during his Show at the Movistar Arena in Bogotá, the interpreter of well-known songs such as Biscuit, Last night, Disappointed, Fame, among others, he could notice the affection of the attendees. As a … Read more

Video: Rosalía is hit in the face with an object at a concert, this is how she reacted

Video Rosalia is hit in the face with an object

Rosalía was giving a concert in San Diego, United States, when she was hit in the face with a bouquet of flowers. Photo: private archive Spanish singer-songwriter Rosalía was in San Diego, United States this weekend as part of her “Motomami World Tour”; Performing Sunday night at Cal Coast Credit Union Amphitheater, the singer was … Read more

A fan hit Rosalía with a bouquet of flowers in the middle of the show: the singer’s unexpected reaction

A fan hit Rosalia with a bouquet of flowers in

The moment when a fan throws a bouquet at Rosalía and her reaction (Video: Twitter @SelsGraceful) During a concert, there are several unforeseen events that can arise for an artist: technical problems, problems with the organization or an incident with a fan. The latter was what happened to Rosalia at a show she was toasting … Read more

Waters! They hit Rosalía in the face with a bouquet of flowers in full concert and that’s how she reacted

Waters They hit Rosalia in the face with a bouquet

When attending a concert or a festival, there are many fans who like to bring a little gift to throw their favorite artist on stage. Here in Mexico, as you surely know, it became fashionable to throw Dr. Simi stuffed animals and practically they are not missing in any event. Up to Rosalia he got … Read more

Rosalía, Madonna, Beyoncé… the dental fashion that they have signed up for and that is becoming more and more widespread

Rosalia Madonna Beyonce the dental fashion that they have signed

You may like bright teeth more or less, but what is certain is that it is a fashion that has returned. Yes, it is not something new. The ones known as “grillz” They became popular back in the 80s in the United States. Now, videos detailing how it’s done are racking up thousands of views … Read more