Is Neil Patrick Harris’ boxed escape room wait-for-it… LEGENDARY?

1666541735 Is Neil Patrick Harris boxed escape room wait for it LEGENDARY

Whether he was known as Dr Doogie, Barney Stinson in How I Met Your Mother – references to which are hidden in this review – or in one of his many musicals, we all know the passion of Neil Patrick Harris for magic and mysterious things. A copy of the game was provided in order … Read more

Toulouse. Clint Eastwood’s son and a Toulouse guitar legend on the Nougaro room menu

Toulouse Clint Eastwoods son and a Toulouse guitar legend on

By Toulouse editorial staff Published on 29 Sep 22 at 19:46 Toulouse News See my news Follow this media Toulouse guitarist Kiko Ruiz will ignite hearts on October 19, 2022 at Salle Nougaro. (©Chris Flame) The Nougaro room, with its gauge of 400 places, the layout of its bleachers and above all the quality of … Read more

The luxurious mansion of Juan Gabriel that has a secret room and nobody knew

Juan Gabriel and his luxurious mansion September 24, 2022 3:29 p.m. Juan Gabriel was one of the most important artists in the music industry, without a doubt he was one of the most talented singers and composers that we have seen throughout musical history, Alberto Aguilera Valadez is one of the best composers, with songs … Read more

Maluma clarifies the reason why he had to go through the operating room

Maluma clarifies the reason why he had to go through

Less than 24 hours ago, Maluma shared a publication in a hospital bed announcing that he had to undergo surgery for a problem in his knees: “To bad weather, good face. With your prayers and good energy, I’m sure everything will work out. I love you guys and wish me good luck.” the singer wrote. … Read more

The new nickname that the Manchester City dressing room gave Haaland for a popular TV series

The new nickname that the Manchester City dressing room gave

Erling Haaland is one of the great figures of the Premier League (Reuters) Erling Haland He has six games with the shirt of the Manchester City and has already scored nine goals, which is why he has become the great star of the sky-blue team that is excited about winning the Champions League. In addition … Read more

The ‘next gen’ of televisions arrives: Xiaomi TV X Series wants to conquer the living room (and the consoles)

The next gen of televisions arrives Xiaomi TV X Series

Last week a new series of televisions appeared on Xiaomi’s global website, the Xiaomi TV X Series. The only information the company gave then was its size: 43, 50 and 55 inches; and its 4K resolution. Today, we finally know all the details about these new smart TVs, which come loaded with specifications and with … Read more

Concerts for a hot autumn (4): Uriah Heep, Franz Ferdinand, Evergrey, Cradle of Filth, Faun and Wolves in the Throne Room –

Concerts for a hot autumn 4 Uriah Heep Franz Ferdinand

August 10, 2022 12:41 p.m. published by Drafting – Still fully involved in the summer season, in which the big festivals have been (and will still be) protagonists of current music, an autumn is already drawing on the horizon in which the return to theaters promises to be hotter than these scorching days we currently … Read more

A cinema employee shows the most absurd things she finds in the room at the end of a movie

A cinema employee shows the most absurd things she finds

Losing something in the theater while the movie is progressing and the lights are off can be synonymous with never finding it again. This is what an employee of a large chain of cinemas has demonstrated in a TikTok video. The young woman, identified under the user @ochoastep, went viral showing the curious objects that … Read more

Marvel Studios Announcements – Phase Five, Phase Six, Born Again, Thunderbolts, Secret Wars and More – Danger Room

Marvel Studios Announcements Phase Five Phase Six Born Again

Kevin Feige’s company does not disappoint and has clarified what the future of Marvel Studios holds. Despite the fact that D23 will be held in September, and aces have been kept up their sleeves, Marvel Studios has given a powerful SDCC. There have been unexpected news and confirmations. But what seems like Kevin Feig has … Read more

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley: “I wanted to show who he was when he was in an empty room at night”

Austin Butler as Elvis Presley I wanted to show who

Austin Butler plays the “King of Rock” in the film “Elvis” directed by Baz Luhrmann. If a biopic was really missing in the history of cinema, it was that of Elvis Presley. The singer born in Memphis became an emblem of rock and roll and what better than the Australian Buz Luhrman (Moulin Rouge, The … Read more