Qué ver en Netflix: la sensacional elegía rural de Ron Howard por la que Glenn Close fue nominada tanto al Óscar como al Razzie

Que ver en Netflix la sensacional elegia rural de Ron

Una de las mejores cosas de la cultura streaming es la posibilidad de recuperar, con la adecuada distancia, títulos que fueron malentendidos por lo efímero del momento, los incordios de la globalización y el caprichoso maniqueísmo de los enfoques. Tal es el caso de ‘Hillbilly, una elegía rural‘, nacida para ser odiada desde el minuto … Read more

Ron Galella, the first paparazzi, died: Marlon Brando’s pineapple, Jackie Kennedy’s complaints and the turnaround that his career gave

Ron Galella the first paparazzi died Marlon Brandos pineapple Jackie

“The stars call me by my name. That’s an honour.” They also broke his jaw, as Marlon Brando did one day, who, fed up with being persecuted, punched him. Rum Gallela, the considered first paparazzi (paparazzo, actually, since paparazzi is the plural) died of heart failure at the age of 91 at his home in … Read more

Tom Hanks told Ron Howard how to write his memoir ‘The Boys’

Tom Hanks told Ron Howard how to write his memoir

Tom Hanks has starred in 5 movies directed by Ron Howard. So they’re friends, and Hanks became a director in his own right. When Hanks gave Howard some direction to write his book, Howard took it seriously. he co-wrote The Boys: A Memoir of Hollywood and Family with his brother, Clint Howard. L-R: Ron Howard … Read more

Harry Potter: la condición de Ruper Grint para hacer otra película como Ron Weasley

1643760921 Harry Potter la condicion de Ruper Grint para hacer otra

Los actores Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson y Rupert Grint, protagonistas de la saga Harry Potter, se reunieron en el especial de HBO Max, “Harry Potter: Regreso a Hogwarts”, que celebra los 20 años del estreno de la primera cinta de la franquicia, donde se revelaron varios secretos desconocidos por los fans. MÁS INFORMACIÓN: Por qué … Read more

What became of Rupert Grint, Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies

What became of Rupert Grint Ron Weasley in the Harry

The film industry has been producing great sagas over time. Stories that permeate millions of people, becoming a mass phenomenon. One of them is ‘Harry Potter’, that in seven books and eight films he conquered more than one. A saga that changed its cast little, but its protagonists did, who went from being just children … Read more

Venezuelan helps make friends in Ron makes mistake, the Disney movie

1635500040 Venezuelan helps make friends in Ron makes mistake the Disney

Foto Getty Images In the near future, technology will be more integrated into children’s day-to-day lives: robots walk, talk and connect with the little ones, becoming his new best friends out of a box. However, one day that daily life is broken when Barney Pudowski, a shy 11-year-old boy with social problems, is given a … Read more

Ron Da Error (Ron’s Gone Wrong) Already Has Critical Rating | Tomatazos

Ron Da Error Rons Gone Wrong Already Has Critical Rating

The new generations of children have grown up immersed in technology and social networks, which, although they are great tools for communication, also their excessive use leads to losing life, contact with the real world and other human beings. Disney together with 20th Century Studios and Locksmith animation present us Ron Da Error – 88%, … Read more

In this way, José Ron enjoys his moment before the debut of La Desalmada in the US.

In this way Jose Ron enjoys his moment before the

José Ron never says no to a personal or professional challenge while it excites him, in that he is very similar to his character as Rafael Toscano in his new telenovela La Desalmada, which he stars together with Livia Brito, Eduardo Santamarina and Marjorie de Sousa. The actor from Guadalajara says that he especially enjoys … Read more