Keira Knightley’s threat to Michael Fassbender before a romantic scene “If you touch me you…”

Keira Knightley is an actress who has always known what it means to shoot a romantic scene. The interpreter has starred in some memorable period dramas and romantic films such as Pride and Prejudice, Atonement, Desire and Sin, Colette either Anna Karenina. And among these films, there is one probably not so well known. Is … Read more

“Sudden Christmas”: what time does the new romantic comedy starring Lindsay Lohan premiere

1668051374 Sudden Christmas what time does the new romantic comedy starring

Days before Christmas, a spoiled, newly engaged hotel heiress (Lindsay Lohan) has a skiing accident, totally loses her memory, and ends up in the care of a handsome innkeeper. (Netflix) After spending more than a decade away from the films that made her famous and from those with big budgets, Linday Lohan returns with a … Read more

The awkward moment that Robert Pattinson lived during a romantic scene with Julianne Moore

Currently, Robert Pattinson He is one of the actors of the moment. After becoming the protagonist of batman, the actor finished consecrating himself and showing the public that he has a lot of talent to offer. And although everyone had him typecast in his role as Edward in Twilightthe truth is that the actor has … Read more

The romantic drama that unites Marisa Tomei and Robert Downey Jr. that ended in a real romance

The stars Marisa Tomei Y Robert Downey Jr. they have paths that crossed long before the earlier landing in the Marvel Universe. Let us remember that, in addition to the recognized role as Hombre de Hierro by Downey Jr. the actress played May Parker, the aunt of Peter Parker played by Tom Holland. However, this … Read more

The hopeful Brazilian romantic drama that more than 40 countries are watching

The hopeful Brazilian romantic drama that more than 40 countries

“Beyond the Universe” is a drama about love, music and illness. (Netflix) beyond the universe (Depois do Universo) is a drama and romance film originating in Brazil that landed on the streaming platform on October 27, 2022. This moving film, starring Henrique Zaga (for thirteen reasons Y the new mutants) and the singer-songwriter Giulia BeIt … Read more

“If the algorithm suggests five romantic comedies, you may not like any of them”

If the algorithm suggests five romantic comedies you may not

The MUBI platform offers auteur cinema, classic films and premieres What would life be without platforms? Or rather, how to conceive today’s life without platforms? (read, better, as if the question were between exclamation marks). However, it is likely that the reader will corroborate a certain uniformity in the tone and style of the programming, … Read more

The Marvel actor who refuses to shoot kissing or romantic scenes

Whether it’s a romantic, action or suspense movie, they are almost always accompanied by a hint of romance. Whether it’s because the protagonist has a romantic interest or whatever, the public has already become accustomed to movies containing kissing scenes or romantic interactions. This has led to all kinds of interactions between the actors. Some … Read more

Anna Kendrick refused to shoot romantic scenes with an actor and we’ll tell you why

Anna Kendrick refused to shoot romantic scenes with an actor

At 37 years old, Anna Kendrick He has a solid career in Hollywood. He has been part of great successes such as the saga Twilight Y in simple favor He also participated in the movie Up in the Airwhich earned him a nomination for Oscar awards What Best Supporting Actress. But among so many films … Read more

The romantic film with William Levy that you cannot miss

We are used to seeing William Levy as a heartthrob in programs like woman-fragranced coffee, which was all the rage in Spanish-speaking countries. However, she has also developed her career in the world of cinema, a clear example being the recent romantic movie South Beach Love who starred alongside Taylor Cole. What is South Beach … Read more

Love at first sight: the romantic story of Kaley Cuoco and Tom Pelphrey

Love at first sight the romantic story of Kaley Cuoco

Actress Kaley Cuoco announced in October 2022 that she is expecting her first baby with fellow actor Tom Pelphrey, with whom has been in a relationship for five months. Through a series of photographs, the sweet expectation of him was confirmed. As a result of the news, there are many who want to know how … Read more