The romantic movie that is a success on Netflix, and a few days after its premiere

“Love and Ice Cream”: The adventures and misadventures of Lina, a young American woman who discovers romance on the streets of Rome. (Netflix) The film love and ice cream managed to land on Netflix with her right foot and in her debut on June 22 she placed comfortably in first place. Directed by Brandon Camp … Read more

The romantic movie with Meryl Streep and Robert De Niro that was a flop and few remember

Cinema On a new birthday for Meryl Streep, we remember one of her films that did not have the expected success, since she shared the leading role with Robert De Niro. Look what it is! By Enzo Wheel 06/22/2022 – 17:19 UTC 06/22/2022 – 17:19 UTC © paramountThe romantic movie with Meryl Streep and Robert … Read more

The romantic movie that nobody expected and that is a success on Netflix

Netflix continues betting on the genres that most captivate its subscribers and a romantic comedy It seems to have come at the right time, since the film has become a trend and has been among the most watched streaming service in the world. Is about “love and gelato“, a tape directed by Brandon Camp that … Read more

The romantic surprise that Clarissa Molina received from Vicente Saavedra for her first anniversary

Vicente Saavedra surprised Clarissa Molina with an anniversary gift. The role of mother that Clarissa Molina fulfills with the daughters of her future husband Clarissa Molina announces where her wedding with Vicente Saavedra will be Clarissa Molina Y Vincent Saavedra They seem to be on their honeymoon and are not yet married. Since they announced … Read more

The Netflix Teen Romantic Comedy That Will Leave You Thinking

The films about teenagers they always surprise the audience. Sometimes we can find stories that seek to leave us a strong message and refer to problems that occur today, and other times we come across films that only seek to entertain us. In Netflix we can find all that, and much more. Within the catalog … Read more

Zac Efron and Nicole Kidman together in the new Netflix romantic comedy

After the sharp drop in the number of subscribers, Netflix bet strongly on original content and with great actors as protagonists, as in the case of the new romantic comedy who prepares and what will star Zack Efron Y Nicole Kidman, beside Joey Kingstar of “The Act”, “The Princess” and all three installments of “The … Read more

Shakira: the singer’s reaction after listening to a romantic song (and the reasons why it was related to her separation from Piqué)

In the last weeks, Shakira has become a trend in social networks due to her media separation with soccer player Gerard Piquéwho allegedly He would have been unfaithful with a 22-year-old girl. As a result of this controversy, the interpreter of Anthology is under the gaze of millions of people and His followers have been … Read more

He is a queer icon who has worked with Björk and Philip Glass. Now, he has just created the music for the most romantic series of the year

Nico Muhly, composer of the exquisite music for the “Pachinko” series, based on the best-selling book of the same name (Apple TV press) In “Pachiko”, by Min Jin Leeuna, one of the most acclaimed novels of recent years in the United States, several generations of a Korean family are torn between tradition and modernity, the … Read more

Netflix’s new romantic movie that has become one of the most viewed

such for which is the new romantic Netflix movie that has been cast fully between the top 5 most viewed content. It is not surprising since the genre is a real gold mine for the service of streaming, in addition to being a content in the catalog that is very profitable. On the other hand, … Read more

The best romantic movie starring the father of a “Stranger Things” star

Which best romantic movie ever? Love has been filmed so much and in various forms and approaches. But there is a film that has stayed with critical acceptance and the public for its novel way of presenting romance. And it had, among its protagonists, the father of one of the stars of season 4 of … Read more