The romantic song that Agustín Lara wrote for a man

The romantic song that Agustin Lara wrote for a man

El Flaco de Oro wanted to give an unforgettable gift to his friend José Mojica (Photo: Cultural Information System) Agustín Lara is one of the most beloved composers by the Mexican public, thanks to his great compositions inspired by Mexico with which his fans easily identified. However, behind these themes, it hides various stories that … Read more

Mark Wahlberg’s wife Rhea Durham enjoys a swim in a tie-dye swimsuit during romantic Barbados vacation – Reuters

Mark Wahlbergs wife Rhea Durham enjoys a swim in a

Another vacation day, another swimsuit! Rhea Durham sizzled again in this tie-dye piece as she bathed in the warm Bahamian ocean. Mark Wahlbergthe wife of Rhéa Durham, 43, looked sensational in her latest swimsuit look! She was spotted wearing a tie-dye piece in Barbados – where the couple are vacationing – on Thursday, January 6. … Read more

Bradley Cooper, the actor who does not want to be a romantic heartthrob | In January the remake “The Alley of Lost Souls” will be released.

Bradley Cooper the actor who does not want to be

A “circus phenomenon” a man who has lost all respect for himself, a desperate and pathetic creature, driven mad by grief or drink. He is kept alive like an animal, in a cage, and only let out so that paying assistants can see humanity in its most degraded form. Feed him a live chicken and … Read more

The most romantic looks of 2021: from Prince William to Letizia passing through Tamara or Zendaya

The most romantic looks of 2021 from Prince William to

Twelve months go a long way and when the time comes to say goodbye to a year that is about to end, the normal thing is that we get nostalgic looking back. What has most marked in 2021, In addition to the successive waves of coronavirus, they are diverse experiences according to people. However, as … Read more

The most romantic movie on NETFLIX that will make you cry your eyes out; the most viewed in Mexico | TRAILER

The most romantic movie on NETFLIX that will make you

In recent weeks, people tend to wonder more about new trends or topics of interest to them, such as certain genres of cinema or series that are hosted on Netflix. In this sense, people wonder what they can see in the giant the streaming, Netflix, where you can find a wide variety of films of … Read more

“Distortion of history”: A new South Korean romantic series sparks controversy and calls for its broadcast to be canceled

1640037016 Distortion of history A new South Korean romantic series sparks

Published: 20 dic 2021 21:09 GMT The plot is set in 1987, during the period of political unrest that shook the Asian country under the military dictatorship of Chun Doo-hwan. The new South Korean romantic series ‘Snowdrop’, set in 1987, during the period of political unrest in the Asian country, has generated controversy in the … Read more

Ana de Armas’s new love in Los Angeles and Justin Bieber and his wife’s romantic outing in London: celebrities in one click

Ana de Armass new love in Los Angeles and Justin

Teleshow In addition, Candice Swanepoel enjoyed the beach in Miami and Camila Cabello was photographed during a walk in Washington Candice Swanepoel throbs the summer in America and enjoyed a day at the beach in Miami. There, he took advantage of the high temperatures and cooled off in the sea. She was photographed coming out … Read more

Netflix Movies: Romantic Stories With Sad Endings, They Raise Us Up And Drop Us Down

Netflix Movies Romantic Stories With Sad Endings They Raise Us scaled

For those days of nostalgia or when we want to have a roller coaster of emotions, Netflix has in its catalog these films with which we can fall in love when we see their story, but end with a broken heart when we see their sad end. Based on the novel by Jennifer Niven, this … Read more

Our 5 streaming tips: Freewheeling Rick and Morty, Benedict Cumberbatch as a cruel cowboy on Netflix and a time-consuming romantic comedy on Prime Video

Our 5 streaming tips Freewheeling Rick and Morty Benedict Cumberbatch

Each week, the AlloCiné streaming team makes its selection of favorites with the news not to be missed. What made us vibrate, tremble, laugh, cry, jump? Here is our top 5 of the week. Metropolitan FilmExport / Hulu / Adult Swim / Netflix / Apple TV+ Rick & Morty (Adult Swim) Rick and Morty has … Read more

Kristen Stewart in My In-Laws, Christmas and Me: Why You Must See This Romantic Comedy on Prime Video?

Kristen Stewart in My In Laws Christmas and Me Why You

Available from December 29 on Prime Video, the romantic comedy My In-Laws, Noel and I respect all stereotypes of the genre except that it is the first LGBT romantic comedy with a star cast. What is it about ? A young woman wants to propose to her girlfriend over Christmas dinner, but her plans are … Read more