Chris Martin: from good guy with Gwyneth Paltrow to hide and seek with Jennifer Lawrence and low-key romance with Dakota Johnson

Chris Martin from good guy with Gwyneth Paltrow to hide

If the world of rock has always boasted of excesses and vices, Chris Martin seems to play another league. With a “healthy life” profile that includes a daily gym routine and a diaphanous smile on his face, the star of Coldplay escapes the elaborate and eccentric imagery of a rock star. It seems that the … Read more

Jealous? This is how Amber Heard reacts to the romance of Johnny Depp and his lawyer

While Johnny Depp is ready to resume his life and career next to his new girlfriend, Amber Heard She reacts in the worst way, because the trial she lost has not left her at all calm. And it is that through the HBO Max platformmillions of people will be able to relive the controversial confrontation … Read more

Los secretos de Ana de Armas: por qué Brad Pitt la eligió para “Blonde”, qué hizo en la tumba de Marilyn y un tortuoso romance con Ben Affleck

Los secretos de Ana de Armas por que Brad Pitt scaled

Ana de Armas de 34 años, que encarna a Marilyn Monroe en “Blonde”, la nueva biopic sobre la vida de la legendaria estrella de Hollywood, ha sido todo un reto para la actriz, nacida en la Cuba socialista de Fidel Castro (Getty Images) En poco tiempo, la carrera de Ana de Armas despegó en Hollywood. … Read more

Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde: this is how the romance between the singer and the actress arose

Viola Davis in talks with HBO Max for an Amanda

celebrities Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde never confirmed their romance but it is undeniable with the number of photos where they show affection. How it all started? By Ezequiel Torres Policastro 08/29/2022 – 20:51 UTC 08/29/2022 – 20:51 UTC © GettyHarry Styles and Olivia Wilde By Ezequiel Torres Policastro Harry Styles He is one of … Read more

Mónica Gonzaga: de sus inicios como modelo, a sus charlas con Sean Connery y su romance con Julio Iglesias

Monica Gonzaga de sus inicios como modelo a sus charlas

Es una de las mujeres más sensuales y hermosas de nuestro país, por la que suspiraron varias generaciones. Mónica Gonzaga se metió en el mundo del espectáculo con apenas 13 años y tuvo cintura para sostenerse a través de los años; nunca paró de trabajar. En cine y televisión estuvo al lado de todos los … Read more

‘Race to success’: lawyers and romance in the new Netflix series

3 facts you didnt know about Benedict Cumberbatchs Lamborghini

That cinema and television bring to the screen stories previously written on the pages of novels, biographies, police investigations or historical accounts is nothing new. Since the existence of the audiovisual, literature, in all its aspects, has been one of the greatest sources of inspiration for its jump to image, both real and animated. For … Read more

Shakira’s surreal response to Piqué’s romance with Clara Chía

Shakiras surreal response to Piques romance with Clara Chia

The sentimental break between Shakira and Gerard Piqué is at its peak, since the central culé has found love again with a young woman named Clara Chiaaccording to British tabloids and confirmed by ‘Socialité’ through some photographs that have given much to talk about. The file reported by the Telecinco program showed how the soccer … Read more

Gerard Way Appears in Cheerleader Outfit at New My Chemical Romance Concert

Gerard Way Appears in Cheerleader Outfit at New My Chemical

Gerard Way and company continue to tour in the long-awaited return of My Chemical Romance. The musician continues to surprise fans on his reunion tour, which It has them touring much of Europe and the United States. Now, the leader of the band surprised with his look for a recent show. And it is that … Read more

The film that combines romance and drama lasts 107 minutes and is all the rage on Netflix

Netflix it’s a box of surprises, and every time we open the platform on one of our devices, we don’t know what we’re going to find. In fact, many times we are not even prepared for some of its surprises. However, an interesting and captivating love and drama movie that is gradually taking center stage … Read more

Karol G showed the “boobies” in Bad Bunny’s restaurant while sparking romance rumors

Karol G showed the boobies in Bad Bunnys restaurant while

Carol G made an appearance at the opening of his friend’s restaurant and also a colleague of the urban genre, bad bunny in Miami cityYo. La Bichota arrived with a corset showing the “boobies” through a hole in the middle of her chest and also made a triumphal entrance to the place called “gecko” along … Read more