This is how Charlie Watts (The Rolling Stones) blamed Led Zeppelin for the duration of their concerts –

This is how Charlie Watts The Rolling Stones blamed Led

12 October, 2022 12:34 pm published by Drafting – The memory of the emblematic battery of The Rolling Stones, charlie watts, is still present in many aspects. Not only in tributes to his figure performed by his band, but also in the meetings he had with prominent rock personalities, such as Red Hot Chili Peppers … Read more

Former Guns N’ Roses Manager Reveals What Keith Richards (The Rolling Stones) Said To Slash Before He Left The Band –

Former Guns N Roses Manager Reveals What Keith Richards The

September 15, 2022 1:29 p.m. published by Drafting – A well-known NBA sports motto says that once a Knick will always be a Knick, referring to the importance of being part of the New York team, and something very similar is what Keith Richardslegendary guitarist The Rolling Stoneshe told slashits counterpart in Guns N’ Rosesbefore … Read more

The Pirate and his Gang: The day Ben Stiller and Brad Pitt were almost a “Rolling Stones”

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

The history of rock surprises us every day, when it seems that everything is known, or that everything is already written, boom! We learn new things, and of course, there it is The pirate to remove the news to tell it. Ben Stiller and Brad Pitt The actors told it during an interview on the … Read more

“My Life as a Rolling Stone”: the documentary that promises the most intimate look at the legendary rock band

My Life as a Rolling Stone the documentary that promises

charlie watts elegantly focused on his drumsticks, bass drums and snare drums; Keith Richards reaching epiphany while he plays the guitar; Ron Wood happily tearing his soul apart with his own ropes; Mick Jagger setting the stage on fire with each one of his steps, in that infinite dance that he holds as a ritual … Read more

“The Rolling Stones are the soundtrack to everyone’s life,” says Steve Condie, executive producer of documentary ‘My life as Rolling Stone’ | Television | Entertainment

The Rolling Stones are the soundtrack to everyones life says

The rolling stone They are one of those eternal groups whose music has become the soundtrack of everyone’s life for 60 years. Yes, 60 years. It would be a bit unlikely to say at this point in life that someone hasn’t heard yet Sympathy for the devil, Angie, start me upor the unmistakable I Can’t … Read more

“My Life as a Rolling Stone”, a documentary that celebrates the life of this band and its musical legacy

My Life as a Rolling Stone a documentary that celebrates

A production that shows unpublished moments of the members of the legendary group. (Directv) The Rolling Stones they are a band that has transcended generations, historical moments, cultures and more. Not in vain, they are celebrating their 60 years of formation. Precisely, to pay them homage in the midst of this anniversary, DirecTV will premiere … Read more

In the bowels of the Rolling Stones: the band’s new documentary comes to streaming

In the bowels of the Rolling Stones the bands new

To celebrate 60 years of The Rolling Stones, OnDIRECTV (channels 201 & 1201 HD) will exclusively broadcast the four-part documentary series My Life as a Rolling Stone, which dedicates an episode to the lives of each of its members: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood and Charlie Watts. The production will also be available through … Read more

The last concert of The Rolling Stones? The story does not end in Berlin –

The last concert of The Rolling Stones The story does

August 4, 2022 12:41 pm published by Mariano Muniesa – With the concert held at the Waldbuhne of berlin East August 3rd European tour ends ‘sixties’ of the Rolling Stoneswhich started the past June 1 in Madridwith the concert that band offered at the Metropolitan Stadium from the state capital. The reaction and response from … Read more

‘My Life As a Rolling Stone’, the documentary that will show the side you don’t know about the British band

Let me fly Fernando del Solar signed a letter of

Today July 4th, we are a little nostalgic since two months ago we live a brutal experience in the Wanda Metropolitano de Madrid. the Rolling Stones landed in the capital of Spain to start his ‘Sixty’ tour which continues unstoppable already in August. On the occasion of the docuseries of ‘My Life As a Rolling … Read more