Why didn’t Kiss play in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame? “Hypocrisy”

Why didnt Kiss play in the Rock Roll Hall

During an appearance on yesterday’s episode of SiriusXM’s “The Howard Stern Show,” KISS frontman Paul Stanley expressed once more his discontent that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame did not include the current members of KISS Eric Singer (drums) and Tommy Thayer (guitar) along with the original lineup when the band was received at … Read more

concert | Danger!: This is how a great rock n’ roll concert is given – Ecos Del Vinilo

concert Danger This is how a great rock n

“They have one of the top live shows that you can see in our geography and they spare no sweat to ensure a place in your memory” [Ricardo Portman] @ecosdelvinilo | @portman918 The night of last Saturday, October 29, was certainly a night of a thousand demons. halloween parade in every corner of Malasaña, a … Read more

Rock & roll is not a corpse: Fito and Fitipaldis shows their most intimate side in Vigo

Rock roll is not a corpse Fito and Fitipaldis

Old rockers they never die, not even when they themselves admit that there are more and more corpses. Adolfo Cabrales and his seasoned band put this Friday the finishing touch to the Xacobeo concerts in Vigo this year with the premiere of his new tour. Fito and Fitipaldisloyal to the rhythms that took them to … Read more

Muere Jerry Lee Lewis, la ltima leyenda del rock and roll, a los 87 aos

What song does Eddie play at the end of Stranger

Cine La leyenda del santo diablo Jerry Lee Lewis, el regreso al cine de Ethan Coen Las noticias eran malas desde hace tiempo. Jerry Lee Lewis estaba ya muy cerca del final. La última fotografía, con su discípulo y compinche Kris Kristofferson haciéndole entrega de la medalla que acreditaba su ingreso en el Country Hall … Read more

Fitness, longevity and rock and roll: the routines of Paul McCartney and Mick Jagger to be healthy at 80

Fitness longevity and rock and roll the routines of Paul

Mick Jagger has been carrying out a yoga routine for many years that is complemented by physical exercise, good nutrition and dancing. Paul McCartney follows the same steps Credit: Instagram Paul McCartney Kurt Cobain I had 27 years when he decided to blow his head off shotgun In a farewell letter he wrote a sentence: … Read more

Do you know which bands are considered the best in the history of rock & roll? Get to know them here!

Paul McCartney did a virtual duet with John Lennon at

Inside of the rock, there are bands that over time became great legends for the genre and even if new groups arrive, they cannot be surpassed. There are bands that marked the history of rock Since the remembered singer Elvis Presley began to popularize the “rock and roll”various bands began to emerge that are considered … Read more

“Heads are going to roll”: Mike Tyson explodes against Hulu for stealing his story in a new series

Heads are going to roll Mike Tyson explodes against Hulu

In the US, there is a fairly lax regulation when it comes to bringing movies or series based on real events to the screen, which can usually go ahead regardless of the position of the people involved in said events. This leads to there being some controversy from time to time, as happened with Pam … Read more