The proof that Alex Rodríguez is still not over Jennifer Lopez

1642058323 The proof that Alex Rodriguez is still not over Jennifer

Apparently the former baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, still does not surpass Jennifer Lopez, and it was evidenced by a reaction he had when he referred to his breakup with the singer, who is now in a relationship with the actor Ben Affleck. It was very striking, because it was believed that they had a good … Read more

Changes in Univision due to merger with Televisa: Jessica Rodríguez, who was president of entertainment, leaves

1642021601 Changes in Univision due to merger with Televisa Jessica Rodriguez

Changes in Univision, Jessica Rodríguez, who was president of entertainment, leaves before the merger with Televisa. This was announced internally and confirmed by the chain itself. Before completing the merger between Univision and Televisa in the United States for StreamingThis Tuesday it was announced that Jessica Rodríguez leaves, who a few months ago was relocated … Read more

Why Alex Rodríguez will not enter the MLB Hall of Fame

Why Alex Rodriguez will not enter the MLB Hall of

Voting for the Hall of Fame of the MLB It opened two weeks ago and undoubtedly the results will be marked by controversy, as it has been happening for several years. The votes, delivered on ballots by the Association of Chroniclers (BBWAA for its acronym in English), have been making public, something that has allowed … Read more

How the love between Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodríguez was born

How the love between Carlos Rivera and Cynthia Rodriguez was

The two met in 2005 when they participated in “La Academia” (Photos: Instagram / @cynoficial @_carlosrivera) The romantic relationship they maintain Carlos rivera Y Cynthia Rodriguez It is one of the most popular among the Mexican media due to the absence of public statements that both singers make on the subject. The mystery of when … Read more

Silvio Rodríguez: “Era bastante lógico que en Cuba aparecieran expresiones de agotamiento” – La Tercera

1638210055 Silvio Rodriguez Era bastante logico que en Cuba aparecieran

La bitácora 2021 de Silvio Rodríguez (74) tiene dos capítulos fundamentales. Aunque también muy distintos. El pasado 1 de octubre, el cantautor editó su trabajo más reciente, Silvio Rodríguez con Diákara, el que recupera numerosas canciones grabadas en un par de mañanas de 1991 en México, con el supergrupo Diákara, integrado por algunos de los … Read more

Álex Rodríguez unveils a photo of Jennifer Lopez in a sexy bikini – Marseille News

Alex Rodriguez unveils a photo of Jennifer Lopez in a

Jennifer Lopez, her ex-boyfriend leaked one of her photos at 50 | PA The famous singer, businesswoman, model, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez appears on a photo that ex fiancé shared, it’s impressive to see her because she was 50 years old, the famous Hollywood star continues to steal sighs from her fans. One of … Read more

Lucía Rodríguez said goodbye to “Informal Breakfasts”: “My children need me”

Lucia Rodriguez said goodbye to Informal Breakfasts My children need

Exclusive content The note you are trying to access is exclusively for subscribers Subscribe me Know our plansand enjoy El País without limits. Get into If you are already a subscriber you canenter with your username and password. Friday was a day full of emotion on the second morning of Informal breakfasts, given that Lucía … Read more

The young Hispanic Brianna Rodriguez, 16, is one of the fatalities of the stampede at the Houston concert

1636328251 The young Hispanic Brianna Rodriguez 16 is one of the

Relatives of 16-year-old Brianna Rodriguez confirmed that the young woman died Friday night in the human avalanche that left 8 dead in Houston, Texas. “He has left our side, but never from our hearts. With deep sadness we bid farewell to our beloved Brianna, one of the victims of the Astroworld event“Her aunt Iris Rodriguez … Read more

What made Jennifer Lopez decide to leave Alex Rodríguez

1636207235 What made Jennifer Lopez decide to leave Alex Rodriguez

Probably in these months there has been too much speculation, but the real reason that had Jennifer Lopez to break your relationship with Alex Rodriguez, it was neither Ben Affleck nor anyone in particular. The truth is that few imagine it. The singer broke up with her partner after so many years, because she did … Read more

Alex Rodriguez sent a hint to one of his exes. Could it have been for Jennifer Lopez?

1634584804 Alex Rodriguez sent a hint to one of his

Alex Rodriguez throws a hint in the air, but it doesn’t seem to be for Jennifer Lopez but for another ex. Foto: Eliot Press. / Grosby Group The former player of the NY Yankees he was in the middle of the transmission of a game for FOX Sports, for which he works as a sportscaster. … Read more