10 must-see national bands from Rock to the Park 2022 | radionics

Julio Iglesias from an elegant Mercedes Benz at 125000 euros

What differentiates rock to the park from other festivals is that Colombian artists are the majority of the bill. It’s very exciting to see the big international shows, but it’s just as exciting, and sometimes even more exciting, to see the national proposals that come to this stage. As every year there are the district … Read more

The Science of Noise Preview: ANVIL | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

The Science of Noise Preview ANVIL Science of Noise

It was time! Finally, the great European tour of Anvil will pass through our rooms. Initially scheduled for before the pandemic, it was postponed several times. So much so that it even gave the mythical Canadian band time to record another album. The plan was to present Legal at Last (2020)but after these years they … Read more

Revolver recovers its rock essence in ‘Addicted to Euphoria’, preview of his next album – Rock The Best Music

Revolver recovers its rock essence in Addicted to Euphoria preview

Faced with the turbulent and uncertain times we are living in, ‘Addicted to Euphoria’ (Altafonte) is a declaration of intent, a forceful song without nostalgia that invites you to see things from another place. Its about first single from Revolver’s upcoming album which, with the same title as the song, will be released at early … Read more

The rock band Desakato announces its final disbandment

Anuel AA makes Yailin La Mas Viral perrear in cacheteros

The Asturian punk-rock band Desakato has given the worst news to their fans. After 19 years playing and composing music, the group has decided to get off the stage and separate indefinitely due to the accumulation of physical and mental fatigue that these almost two decades of musical career have caused in them, in which … Read more

Netflix: Chris Rock will be the first live artist on the platform

Netflix Chris Rock will be the first live artist on

Netflix is ​​jumping into live-action programming with a special comedy show from Chris Rock. The comedian will thus be the first to perform live for the streaming giant. DOMINIQUE JACOVIDES / BESTIMAGE As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Netflix is ​​about to test live streaming! Indeed, the platform announced Thursday, its first attempt at live … Read more

Fun Lovin’ Criminals – The Roosevelt Sessions EP (2022) – Rock The Best Music

Estereo Picnic among the 50 best festivals in the world

After the departure of my untouchable Huey ‘Di Fontaine’ Morgan in 2021 from Fun Lovín’ Criminals I always feared the worst within one of the most special and classy bands that exists and which I have always admired and followed in their footsteps. It was clear that Brian ‘Fast’ Leiser (keys, bass, horns, vocals…) and … Read more

The Bison Band: Touring the Plains of Indie Rock

The Bison Band Touring the Plains of Indie Rock

There are four instruments and four members: the brothers Daniel and Jerónimo Betancur, Miguel Spitaletta and Otto Díaz. Photo: Courtesy It is night. There are psychedelic lights, sex, drugs and alcohol. There is moonlight and night shadows. Again sex, drugs and alcohol. are also heard guitars, drums, keyboards and bass. It is the story of … Read more

Mark Lettieri: Come, vidi, vici | Science of Noise – Rock Magazine

Mark Lettieri Come vidi vici Science of Noise

With the same speed that we left the razzmatazz 3 because of the intense rain, authentic punches of measured virtuosity came to us, energy coming from the original source of the rock and inexplicable harmonies of almost demonic beauty. Good entrance in a perfect room to be able to boast of having authentic teachers within … Read more

The reasons why ‘Mar de Copas’ no longer sings its iconic rock song, ‘Ramera’

The reasons why Mar de Copas no longer sings its

The reason why the Peruvian band ‘Mar de Copas’ will no longer sing their iconic song. TikTok|OrozcoOfficial. The leader of the Peruvian rock band ‘Sea of ​​Cups’ He made a drastic decision and no longer sings one of his most classic songs in his presentations. Wicho Garciawho is the main voice gave an interview to … Read more

Dan McCafferty. Singer of Nazareth, rock band, died

Digital Millennium Mexico / 08.11.2022 15:17:00 Dan McCaffertylead singer of the band rock scottish nazarethdied this Tuesday, as announced by the same British group through social networks. The bassist and backing vocalist of the group, pete agnewannounced that the death occurred at 12:40 p.m. (local): “It is the saddest announcement I have had to make,” … Read more