The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocío Marengo: “You are single”

The strong macho offense of a Venezuelan actor to Rocio

Rocio Marengo discussed with the actor Fernando Carrillo in The Hotel of the Famous and she was fed up with an attack received at that intersection. The former participant of Dancing for a Dream was indignant with the artist from Venezuela and was defended by a partner from the reality show The thirteen. “Really, it … Read more

Goodbye Juan Gabriel, the real reason why Rocío Dúrcal did not want to see him even in painting

Juan Gabriel and Rocio Durcal September 01, 2022 09:15 a.m. YOU MAY ALSO LIKE: John Gabriel He was a beloved singer of Mexican music, who carved out his fame as the Divo of America and gave the world unforgettable performances, as he is “eternal love” an anthem of romance and a song that reached its … Read more

Rocío Carrasco and a tribute tarnished by the disappointment of Víctor Elías

Rocio Carrasco and a tribute tarnished by the disappointment of

The controversy is served. This May 11, a new tribute to the figure of The biggesta solidarity concert called Women sing to Rocío Jurado. The first time this was held Show musical was on March 8, a date that coincided with the International Women’s Day. At that time, the WiZink Center in Madrid witnessed what … Read more

Rocío Marengo congratulated a Masterchef Celebrity participant: Did you anticipate the winner?

1648180560 Rocio Marengo congratulated a Masterchef Celebrity participant Did you anticipate

Rocío Marengo during her time in the first season of Masterchef Celebrity The third season of Master Chef Celebrity It is going through decisive stages and uncertainty keeps viewers on edge. In the gastronomic reality show that leads Santiago del Moro on the screen of Telefe there are six participants in the race, with rising … Read more

Rocío Carrasco gets emotional remembering Rocío Jurado at the tribute concert

1647215821 Rocio Carrasco gets emotional remembering Rocio Jurado at the tribute

Dew Sworn he received his well-deserved tribute in the form of a concert. Great artists from this country such as Pastora Soler, Ruth Lorenzo or Soledad Jiménez came together to cover the most mythical songs of The biggest in an event that would not have been possible without Rocío Carrasco. The promoter of Mujeres cantan … Read more

Controversy at the Rocío Jurado concert: the artists were about to not act due to a clause

Controversy at the Rocio Jurado concert the artists were about

Related news The last March 8the WiZink Center hosted a tribute concert to the figure of Dew Sworn. Among the invited singers stood out artists of the stature of Pastor Soler, Anne War, Ruth Lawrence or Tanxugueiras. The concert was also attended by familiar faces from television such as Charlotte Sliding or Carmen Borrego. Everything … Read more

Inside the Rocío Carrasco concert: “tetacam”, satisfyers and a great socialist presence

Inside the Rocio Carrasco concert tetacam satisfyers and a great

The Pink Chronicle of It’s Federic’s morningor had Isabel Gonzalez, Daniel Carande and Alaska to deal at length with all social news. Focused this time on the tribute concert to Rocío Jurado held on 8-M, International Women’s Day, at the Wizink in Madrid. An event organized by Rociito and with a large presence of professionals … Read more

Telecinco strikes down the ‘Deluxe’ after its biggest hit and replaces it with the concert to Rocío Jurado

Telecinco strikes down the Deluxe after its biggest hit and

Telecinco will broadcast the concert ‘Mujeres cantan a Rocío Jurado’ in its entirety next Friday, replacing an ordinary edition of ‘Friday Deluxe’. Telecinco will replace ‘deluxe friday‘ for a special program in which the concert ‘Mujeres cantan a Rocío Jurado’ will be broadcast in its entirety, which this Tuesday, March 8 and on the occasion … Read more

We know where Fidel Albiac was while Rocío Carrasco enjoyed the tribute concert to Rocío Jurado

We know where Fidel Albiac was while Rocio Carrasco enjoyed

Famous couples Fidel Albiac Neither in the photocall, nor among the public. Last night there was no trace of Fidel Albiac in the tribute concert to Rocío Jurado. But, how could it be otherwise, he was there If Rocío Carrasco can boast of something it is to have had a lot of support in the … Read more