Julia Roberts and her brother Eric Roberts hate each other for this reason

Although now they are something like “reconciled”, the truth is that Julia Roberts And his brother Eric Roberts they knew how to have a relationship as difficult as it was controversial. In this opportunity, we tell you the reasons for this enmity intimate and we also share what was the fact that made them get … Read more

Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson: how much do the muses of luxury earn?

Julia Roberts Charlize Theron Robert Pattinson how much do the

Luxury brands are ready to pay fortunes to promote their beauty products. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @charlizeafrica Luxury brands spend astronomical sums to promote their beauty products. With millions, they appeal to muses who lend their image to a perfume or a range of cosmetics. What is the amount of these contracts? Who are the … Read more

This is what Julia Roberts’ twins looked like when they were little

Julia Roberts rose to fame with several 1990s movies. Since then, the actress showed that she had great talent, she starred in several productions and became one of the most beloved women in Hollywood. In addition to conquering the public of all countries with her way of acting, she also drew attention for her beauty … Read more

The unexpected relationship between Javier Bardem and Julia Roberts

Many may not remember it, but Julia Roberts worked together with Javier Bardem in Eat Pray Love (2010), based on the successful novel by elizabeth gilbert. The film was a box office success, highlighting the work of both actors who had a great relationship and had fun filming. “Javier It has an energy that is … Read more

Por qué Julia Roberts dejó de hacer comedias románticas (y por qué este año volverá a ellas)

Por que Julia Roberts dejo de hacer comedias romanticas y

En una reciente entrevista con The New York Times, la actriz Julia Roberts ha explicado los tres motivos por los que lleva 20 años sin hacer una comedia romántica. Primero, no ha encontrado un guion a la altura de sus clásicos como Pretty Woman, Notting Hill o La boda de mi mejor amigo. Segundo, su … Read more

Julia Roberts reveals why she hasn’t starred in a romantic comedy in 20 years

Julia Roberts reveals why she hasnt starred in a romantic

Julia Roberts, American actress, has recently revealed why she has not starred in a romantic comedy in 20 years. The winner of the Oscar for best actress and three Golden Globes, is known for her performances in films such as “Steel Magnolias”, “Pretty Woman”, “The Pelican Brief”, “My best friend’s wedding ”, “Notting Hill” and … Read more

Why didn’t Julia Roberts do more rom-coms like Pretty Woman?

Why didnt Julia Roberts do more rom coms like Pretty Woman

When you talk about Romantic comedies it’s impossible not to think about Pretty Woman (1990). this movie of Julia Roberts Y Richard Gere marked a before and after for the genre. Julia achieved stardom with her role as Vivian Ward. Since then, the actress has become a reference, but for a long time stayed away … Read more

Julia Roberts and Mel Gibson or Jean Renoir: what are you going to watch this weekend?

How does our brain interpret the face and expression of an unfamiliar person? This is what scientists study. ©- It is often said that the first impression is the right one. In an instant, and during an encounter with a stranger, our brain instinctively launches into a – sometimes biased – deciphering of the other, … Read more

Amazon Prime Video: the best Julia Roberts dramas you’ll find on the platform

Amazon Prime Video the best Julia Roberts dramas youll find

Julia Roberts She is one of the most successful actresses of recent decades and, at 54 years old, she owns a more than extensive filmography. In this opportunity, we share four dramas that are available in Amazon Prime Video and we tell you everything there is to know about it. To continue; the details. Four … Read more

Sally Field once revealed Julia Roberts was bullied to tears by her ‘Steel Magnolias’ director – Home

Sally Field once revealed Julia Roberts was bullied to tears

Actress Julia Roberts is known for her many iconic roles and her contributions to the film industry. But even the Beautiful woman actor had to start somewhere. Before winning an Oscar, one of Roberts’ first notable roles was in Steel magnolias. But her time on the film was less than enjoyable, as her co-star revealed … Read more