Robert Redford secrets and exclusive photos revealed in ultimate biography

Robert Redford secrets and exclusive photos revealed in ultimate biography

If you like Robert Redford or simply American cinema, this book is for you, an incredibly comprehensive and sensitive portrait of one of Hollywood’s biggest stars. Paris Match reveals some of the exclusive photos that accompany the text. Seven-sixty-five pages devoted to a single man, fifteen years of work crisscrossing America to meet the collaborators, … Read more

Robert Pattinson really masturbated while shooting a movie in Spain: “My orgasm face is recorded for eternity”

Robert Pattinson really masturbated while shooting a movie in Spain

Robert Pattinson He is currently one of the most popular actors in the world. The great success of ‘The Batman’ it has skyrocketed his recognition even more and now he can basically choose to do any work he wants. However, this was not always the case and in 2008 she made ‘Unlimited’ in Spain, in … Read more

Robert Pattinson turns 36: these are his best films

Anniversary The actor who just became Batman thanks to Matt Reeves’ latest film has other great titles in his repertoire. We tell you what they are and where to see them. By Federico Carestia 05/13/2022 – 16:29 UTC 05/13/2022 – 16:29 UTC ©GettyBirthday of Robert Pattinson. Like in 2008 Robert Pattinson lived its first golden … Read more

Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron, Robert Pattinson: how much do the muses of luxury earn?

Julia Roberts Charlize Theron Robert Pattinson how much do the

Luxury brands are ready to pay fortunes to promote their beauty products. photo credit: Instagram screenshot @charlizeafrica Luxury brands spend astronomical sums to promote their beauty products. With millions, they appeal to muses who lend their image to a perfume or a range of cosmetics. What is the amount of these contracts? Who are the … Read more

Robert Pattinson made Henry Cavill ‘the unluckiest man in Hollywood’

The race of Henry Cavill It is currently at its peak. The actor, who achieved international fame thanks to his signing as Superman at Warner Bros., has become one of Hollywood’s best-known artists. Additionally, his arrival on Netflix as Geralt of Rivia the witcher and Sherlock Holmes in Enola Holmes This led him to attract … Read more

Forget Batman! Robert Pattinson Should Be The Next James Bond According To Danny Boyle – Home

Robert Pattinson made his debut as Bruce Wayne earlier this year in Matt Reeves’ the batman. It was his first foray into the superhero genre and has been a box office hit. Last month it was revealed that the film would be getting a sequel. But one legendary director thinks Pattinson should switch gears and … Read more

Robert De Niro in Argentina: his 3 best comedies to watch on platforms

Robert De Niro in Argentina his 3 best comedies to

There is a very small group of actors and actresses that anyone can name three great movies about without much effort. Robert DeNiro It is one of them. At 78 years old and without the need for money or prestige, he travels to all corners of the earth to continue filming. Currently installed in Argentina … Read more

What I see? The “best Robert De Niro” according to Scorsese, in the director’s most bitter and misunderstood film

What I see The best Robert De Niro according to

Almost four decades ago for this time of year, on May 7, 1983, Robert De Niro, Jerry Lewis and Martin Scorsese presented at Cannes the king of comedy (The King of Comedy). It was the third time that a Scorsese film was included in the official competition after Alicia doesn’t live here anymore. (1975) and … Read more

A final farewell to Robert Downey Jr.? Marvel already has an actor for the next Iron Man

wonder Marvel Studios has announced the next actor who will play Iron Man in a series and it could be one more closed door on the supposed return of Robert Downey Jr. By Enzo Rueda 05/01/2022 – 22:29 UTC 05/01/2022 – 22:29 UTC © Marvel StudiosA final farewell to Robert Downey Jr.? Marvel already has … Read more

El hijo con nombre de motel, un carácter parco y las leyes que llevan su firma: el perfil de Robert De Niro

1651742714 El hijo con nombre de motel un caracter parco y scaled

El debut actoral de Robert De Niro fue a los 10 años cuando interpretó al León Cobarde en una versión escolar de El Mago de Oz; a los 16 dejó el colegio para ser actor (Foto: REUTERS) Robert De Niro vuelve a visitar la Argentina, esta vez para filmar una serie (Nada, de los directores … Read more