Talks, concerts, road safety education and children’s activities at the 1st Safe and Sustainable Mobility exhibition on Avenida de Canarias – Digital Faro Canarias

Talks concerts road safety education and childrens activities at the

The pedestrian zone of the Avenida de Canarias in Vecindario hosts this Saturday 24 the 1st exhibition of Safe and Sustainable Mobility organized by the City Council of Santa Lucía de Tirajana. Exhibition and demonstration of vehicles that work with renewable energies, training talks, driver education circuit, children’s activities and a concert are part of … Read more

Paco León gets lost on the yellow brick road in his Iberian and ‘queer’ Wizard of Oz

Stranger Things The terrifying reason why Millie Bobby Brown cried

One of the most powerful ideas of RainbowPaco León’s film inspired by The Wizard of Oz, It is that of Dora, its protagonist, crossing a yellow field from La Mancha, so similar in its 360 degrees of horizon to that of the American Midwest, defying its generational loneliness like a multicolored Quixote. It is that … Read more

‘Mad Max: Fury Road’: how George Miller’s masterpiece suffered years of trauma and conflict until it reached the cinema

Mad Max Fury Road how George Millers masterpiece suffered years

The box office disaster of ‘Three thousand years waiting for you’ should not make us forget a detail: despite his extraordinary quality, George Miller had not filmed for seven years, since ‘Mad Max: Fury Road‘. Y the agonizing legal problems that this one suffered in its post-production and distribution, which confronted Miller with Warner, are … Read more

Jake Gyllenhaal to headline remake of cult film Road House

Jake Gyllenhaal to headline remake of cult film Road House

Although it received a mixed critical reception, the film Road House, released in 1989, has improved over time to be better appreciated by the public. To the point of being considered today by many cinephiles as a cult work. Credit – SND A redemption that allowed the film to be the subject of two remake … Read more

The first photos of Anya Taylor-Joy as the young Furiosa in the spin-off of Mad Max: Fury Road

The first photos of Anya Taylor Joy as the young Furiosa

After shining in Queen’s Gambit and Peaky Blinders Anya Taylor- Joy puts herself in the skin of Furiosa in George Miller’s new film, Mad Max: Fury Road. Recordings began last June. and, although there is a certain secrecy about how the plot unfolds and what the role of each character will be, some details leaked … Read more

“Furiosa”: all the details about the prequel to “Mad Max: fury on the road”

This is how Chris Hemsworth prepares for Furiosa a film

Trailer for “Mad Max: Fury Road”. (WarnerPictures) The film is in the process of production and little by little we are discovering new details. The actress who achieved worldwide recognition in queen’s gambit, Anya Taylor-Joyputs on Furiosa’s outfit, which she knew how to use Charlize Theron in Mad Max: Fury Road. Remember that the director … Read more

Road House: a remake of the film by Patrick Swayze with Jake Gyllenhaal (first image)

Road House a remake of the film by Patrick Swayze

On 08/25/2022 at 11:08 By Olivier Portnoi road house will be entitled to its remake. In talks for years, the project is finally filming under the direction of Doug Liman (Edge Of Tomorrow, Mrs & Mr Smith). Jake Gyllenhaal succeeds patrick swayze for this new version for Prime Video. In the 1989 movie, patrick swayze … Read more

“Furiosa”: This is what Chris Hemsworth will look like in the prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road”

Furiosa This is what Chris Hemsworth will look like in

Chris Hemsworth will participate in the prequel to the tape “Mad Max: Furiosa”. Photo: Courtesy: Netflix Filming continues on “Furiosa”, the long-awaited prequel to “Mad Max: Fury Road” (2015), which will be released in May 2024. The film has one of its great attractions in the character of Chris Hemsworth, who will surely play Dementus, … Read more

Furiosa: after Chris Hemsworth, Anya Taylor-Joy is unrecognizable in the prequel to Mad Max Fury Road (photos)

Furiosa after Chris Hemsworth Anya Taylor Joy is unrecognizable in the

Seven years after the shock Mad Max: Fury Roadwe are still eagerly awaiting the release of Furioasathe prequel to the film centered on the character played by Charlize Theron. A highly anticipated film We’re not arresting George Miller anymore. At 77, the father of madmax continues to surprise its audience. After marveling the Croisette at … Read more

This is what Anya Taylor-Joy looks like as the young Furiosa in the prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road

in 2015 George Miller brought back his dystopian play from the 80’s with a new movie Mad Max: Fury Road. This delivery not only revived the saga but also left the public wanting more. Good news came during the pandemic and that is that a prequel focused on one of the best characters, Imperator Furiosa, … Read more