Tania Rincón almost became a nun: “I felt the call of God”

Tania Rincon almost became a nun I felt the call

Tania was a rebellious girl who was not afraid of fighting with children. It was her mother’s friends who suggested that she enter a nun’s school. In the most recent broadcast of the ‘Interview with Yordi’, the famous host Tania Rincón attended, revealing details of her religious upbringing, which allowed her to experience desires to … Read more

Tania Rincón reveals the reason why Fernando del Solar left Hoy

“Look, finally you can’t rely on what social networks say, although they are part of it, but I think there were people who were also very grateful that ‘Fer’ del Solar was paid the tribute they deserved,” Tania said. . For what reason did Fernando del Solar resign from Hoy? It was on March 12, … Read more