Eating like Thor: That’s how rich Chris Hemsworth’s huge feast was in a pizzeria

Two family-size pizzas, 12 chicken wings, and a pint of beer: Chris Hemsworth reveals his shocking junk food as he lands in LA…and his clean-living wife Elsa Pataky would NOT approve By: MUI KITCHEN Editorial Office September 09, 2022 11:24 p.m. He has just landed in Los Angeles ahead of filming for his upcoming movie … Read more

Clara Lago, a rich ‘influencer’ surrounded by family secrets in the new series ‘Limbo’

Clara Lago a rich influencer surrounded by family secrets in

The title of the new project clear lake It perfectly defines the journey that it proposes us to live. In Limbo, we will see how the 32-year-old actress from Madrid embodies the daughter of an important Argentine businessman, full of luxuries, eccentricities and a life of excesses and carelessness. When her father dies, she must … Read more

Leonardo DiCaprio’s best movie: the true story of a con man who got rich when he was younger

Leonardo DiCaprios best movie the true story of a con

Leonardo DiCaprio already has his name registered among the best actors of all time. His work in front of the cameras has been celebrated from his early beginnings, as in “Titanic”, to his maturity with “The Revenant”, which gave him an Oscar Award, or “The Wolf of Wall Street”. His works are always well received … Read more

Rosamund Pike protagonizará la película de suspenso sobre la pandemia Rich Flu

Rosamund Pike protagonizara la pelicula de suspenso sobre la pandemia

La nominada al Oscar Rosamund Pike ha firmado para el papel principal en la próxima película de suspenso sobre la pandemia titulada Gripe rica, que proviene de La plataforma el director Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia, y el productor Pablo Larraín (spencer). Se espera que la producción comience a finales de este año en otoño. “Rich Flu es … Read more

Did Adele cancel her concert because of her boyfriend Rich Paul? This is what we know

Did Adele cancel her concert because of her boyfriend Rich

just a few days ago Adele announced the cancellation of her concert in Las Vegas, one of his most anticipated shows by fans, however, a new news comes to light, it seems that The reason why the singer canceled her concert was because of her boyfriend Rich Paul. The singer announced a few days ago … Read more

Léa Seydoux: back on her rich year 2021, from Deception to James Bond

Lea Seydoux back on her rich year 2021 from Deception

Released this Wednesday, December 29 in our theaters, “Tromperie” concludes the beautiful year 2021 of Léa Seydoux, who will have seen her explore different worlds, from James Bond to Arnaud Desplechin via Wes Anderson. The pandemic also having impacted the world of cinema, with filming stoppages and theatrical closures, many films scheduled for 2020 were … Read more

“Rich and spoiled”: is the French comedy on Netflix that everyone talks about really good?

1640165493 Rich and spoiled is the French comedy on Netflix that

According to the criteria of Know more Three children without financial difficulties thanks to the fortune of Francis (Gérard Jugnot), his millionaire father, live the easy life in a beautiful area of ​​Monaco, in France. The first, Alexandre (Louka Meliava), is an inveterate gigolo who, after quickly abandoning his higher studies, looks happy going from … Read more

“It was very rich for me”: Alejandra Espinoza told how it was to record the film ‘Perfect Host’

It was very rich for me Alejandra Espinoza told how

14 years after winning the crown of the first edition of Nuestra Belleza Latina, Alejandra Espinoza consolidates her career as an actress in film and television. Before this achievement in her acting career, the actress is excited about the launch of her second film ‘Perfect Host’. Alejandra Espinoza told how it was to record the … Read more

Why the creator of “The Squid Game” did not get rich with the series despite its huge worldwide success

1635397475 Why the creator of The Squid Game did not get

His production is the most popular release in Netflix history The “Squid Game” is a resounding success that is leading to Netflix to hit unprecedented streaming and subscriber numbers, which translates into a lot of money for the company. It’s supposed to mean a lot of money for the creator of the acclaimed series, too, … Read more

Mexican Miguel Palmer dies; acted in soap operas such as ‘The rich also cry’ with Verónica Castro | People | Entertainment

Mexican Miguel Palmer dies acted in soap operas such as

Some of his most recent projects were ‘Señora Acero’ (2014-2016), ‘Como dice el saying’ (2013) and the HBO series’ Sr. Ávila ‘, in 2018. EFE October 19, 2021 – 12:05 p.m. Mexican actor Miguel Palmer, remembered for his work on soap operas such as Rich people cry too (1979), died at 78 years of age, … Read more