Joaquín Sabina announces a concert in Costa Rica with his tour ‘Against all forecasts’

Joaquin Sabina announces a concert in Costa Rica with his

Good news for Sabineros: Joaquin Sabina returns to the stage and not only that, but Costa Rica is included in the international tour that will see the Spanish singer-songwriter reunite with his people. El Flaco de Úbeda announced that he is returning to live music, after he suffered an accident in 2020 that took him … Read more

David Garrett, the virtuoso violinist and German model, will give his first concert in Costa Rica

David Garrett the virtuoso violinist and German model will give

The German violinist David Garrett, known for mixing classical sounds with reinterpretations of pop and rock music in his repertoire, will present his concert alive in Costa Rica on Sunday, October 16. The show is part of the international tour carried out by the artist to promote the self-titled album, which premiered in 2020. This … Read more

Ricardo Arjona in Costa Rica: Guatemalan will sing in concert at the National Stadium

Ricardo Arjona in Costa Rica Guatemalan will sing in concert

After almost five years of absence from the Costa Rican stages, the Guatemalan artist Ricardo Arjona will appear again in the countryon this occasion thanks to his international tour entitled black and white. The production company Primo Entertainment confirmed that Arjona’s concert will be on December 9 at the National Stadium. The latest studio work … Read more

Diego el Cigala on his concert in Costa Rica: “I recommend that you bring Kleenex”

Diego el Cigala on his concert in Costa Rica I

What is the secret to that Return Return, the most ranchera of all, sounds spectacular in the voice of a flamenco singer? the answer has Diego the Cigala, who through the years has used his talent to give Latin American music a very particular sound, very much in his own style, but always respecting the … Read more

Paulina Rubio offered a concert in Costa Rica before a half-empty auditorium

Paulina Rubio offered a concert in Costa Rica before a

Several Internet users mentioned that Paulina Rubio’s event had low attendance despite the fact that some tickets were given away. Some days ago, Pauline Rubio gave a concert at National Stadium of Costa Ricahowever, netizens reported that he had extremely low attendance even though some Tickets for the event were given away. It should be … Read more

Paulina Rubio at Pride Costa Rica: concert with free tickets and little public

Paulina Rubio at Pride Costa Rica concert with free tickets

A concert with very few public, tickets given away before the event and more than an hour late in the artist’s departure, were the situations that Twitter users exposed on the social network during the show that Paulina Rubio offered this Sunday June 26at the National Stadium, as part of the activities of the Diversity … Read more

Karol G in Costa Rica: La Bichota celebrated the pass of the Sele to the World Cup in Qatar

Karol G went on stage as a girl and steals the show copied! The Colombian women Carol Gwho in his recent concerts always gives surprises to his fans, gave him in Costa Rica a very special moment to a little girl who was in the audience. The girl, who said her name was Jorhani, surprised … Read more

Louis Tomlinson in Costa Rica: the euphoria is present for tonight’s concert

Louis Tomlinson in Costa Rica the euphoria is present for

The forecast came true: a very young and blissfully scandalous audience awaits Louis Tomlinson for his debut in Costa Rican territory. This Sunday the concert of the former member of the popular band One Direction will be held at the Coca-Cola Amphitheater in Parque Viva, in Guácima, and the hours before the show were spent … Read more