Seth Rogen says ‘white supremacists’ post bad reviews of show – Marseille News

Seth Rogen says white supremacists post bad reviews of show

Seth Rogen says ‘tens of thousands’ of white supremacists are intentionally leaving bad reviews on his new show (Photo: FilmMagic) Seth Rogen says his new Christmas show is getting such bad reviews because white supremacists “bombard it with criticism.” The comedian, 39, recently teamed up with Sarah Silverman, 51, for a Christmas-themed animated TV show … Read more

The Spider-Man movie that received the best reviews: did Andrew Garfield, Tom Holland or Tobey Maguire win?

The Spider Man movie that received the best reviews did Andrew

Marvel has an infinite number of superheroes to its credit. And, while not all have hit theaters, Stan Lee’s comics are countless one-handed, but the truth is, some of the most important are Spider Man. The story of this character is somewhat unexpected. Some time ago, the creator of this Universe said that the cartoon … Read more

Bill Gates reviews the five best books he read in 2021

Bill Gates reviews the five best books he read in

As is tradition, the billionaire Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, revealed on his blog the five best books that was read during 2021. Once again, Gates reveals that his favorite subjects are science, technology, and great literature. (Can read: Who is the Colombian who has read ‘One Hundred Years of Solitude’ 27 times?). This is … Read more

“Saturday Night Live” Reviews Rittenhouse’s Verdict and Brings Trump Back

Saturday Night Live Reviews Rittenhouses Verdict and Brings Trump Back

Kim Kardashian talks about divorce with Kanye West 1:31 (CNN) — There was a lot of news to cover this week, and “Saturday Night Live“He had his judge Jeanine take care of everything. The Fox News personality, played by Cecily Strong, opened the episode of the NBC variety show on Saturday night. “Good evening, I … Read more

First reviews of Ghostbusters: Beyond

1637309129 First reviews of Ghostbusters Beyond

Share1 We can already read the first reviews of the movie Ghostbusters: Beyond, the new installment of the mythical Ghostbusters saga. After the failed attempt of the female version of 2016, it comes now Ghostbusters: Beyond which will continue the events of the two original films that were released in 1984 and 1989. The director … Read more

Marvel responds to bad reviews of ‘Eternals’: “The fans will decide”

1637019911 Marvel responds to bad reviews of Eternals The fans will

‘Eternals’ It is the worst critically rated film of all the MCU’s adventures to date. With just 47% positive evaluations on Rotten Tomatoes by the specialized press, it was a matter of time before the study ruled on it and it was finally Valeria Alonso, Marvel’s CEO of Production, who has. “We thank you for … Read more

The protagonist of ‘I rent you my love’ premieres Turkish series: It is available on Netflix and has great reviews

The protagonist of I rent you my love premieres Turkish

Baris Arduç plays a troublemaker from a neighborhood in Turkey who works as a friendship with Matilda, the ex-convict protagonist. New premiere in Netflix that lovers of Turkish series should not lose sight of. Is about Club Istanbul –Club in its original version-, a period drama that counts among its ranks one of the great … Read more

Reviews: Review of “Eternals”, by Chloé Zhao, with Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Kumail Nanjiani and Salma Hayek (Marvel)

Reviews Review of Eternals by Chloe Zhao with Gemma Chan

The talented director of Songs My Brothers Taught Me, The Rider and Nomadland he loses more than he contributes in this showy and at the same time unsuccessful presentation in society of a new universe of the Marvel factory. Eternals (United States / 2021). Direction: Chloé Zhao. Cast: Gemma Chan, Richard Madden, Angelina Jolie, Kumail … Read more

Reviews: Review of “No Time to Die”, by Cary Joji Fukunaga, with Daniel Craig, Léa Seydoux, Rami Malek and Ralph Fiennes

Reviews Review of No Time to Die by Cary Joji

Director of Nameless, Beasts of No Nation and the series True Detective proposes, from a script he co-wrote with -among others- the talented Phoebe Waller-Bridge, a big farewell to Daniel Craig in his time as agent 007. A great and at the same time moving show that cries out for the screen big (giant). No … Read more