Ghostbusters: Afterlife, review. Nostalgia as a business – MeriStation

1638466177 Ghostbusters Afterlife review Nostalgia as a business MeriStation

In the cinema, as in life, all comparisons are hateful, but in the case of Ghostbusters: Afterlife is inevitable because there are many factors that invite it. First because aHe front of the project is Jason Reitman, son of director of the first two installments (Ivan Reitman), second because part of those who have put … Read more

Criticism: Review of “La casa Gucci” (“House of Gucci”), by Ridley Scott, with Adam Driver, Lady Gaga and Al Pacino

Criticism Review of La casa Gucci House of Gucci by

A few weeks after the premiere of The last duel, the veteran director of Alien, the eighth passenger, Blade Runner, Thelma & Louise and Gladiator premiered this story about alliances and betrayals within one of the leading fashion empires. The Gucci house (House of Gucci, United States / 2021). Director: Ridley Scott. Cast: Lady Gaga, … Read more

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2022: Helen Mirren Honorary Award – Film Review

Screen Actors Guild Awards 2022 Helen Mirren Honorary Award

Excalibur © 1981 Arnaud Sélignac / Orion Pictures / Cinema ’84 / Warner Bros. France All rights reserved On the other side of the Atlantic, the health situation does not seem to worry anyone for the moment. It is therefore to be hoped that the cinema awards season will be able to take place there … Read more

Dune, the review in a nutshell by Keanu Reeves

It’s no mystery that Dune is one of the films with the most success in 2021Denis Villeneuve’s cinematographic work captivated audiences with its high-value sci-fi staging, which led to the film achieving considerable success around the world. With particularly encouraging figures in all market segments considered following the film’s release, Dune won over critics and … Read more

Beats Studio Buds review: are they cheaper Airpods?

Beats Studio Buds review are they cheaper Airpods

WE love Compact and comfortable Good battery life and quick backup charge Balanced audio rendering A disconcerting ease of use We don’t like Hands-free kit cannot be used in a noisy environment No active break Too few customization options No volume control from headphones Some disconnections during our test Verdict : The Studio Buds form … Read more

Review of Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City – Interesting tribute, but failed movie

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Over the years, Paul WS Anderson’s Resident Evil movies they gave a lot to talk about because of how “free” they were in their adaptation of Capcom’s video games. But fans got some hope with the announcement of this Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. This time, a new director, Johannes Roberts (which took care … Read more

“7 Prisoners”: What is Netflix’s Most Watched Brazilian Movie About? | REVIEW

1637510401 7 Prisoners What is Netflixs Most Watched Brazilian Movie About

According to the criteria of Know more The Brazilian film “7 prisoners”, written and directed by Alexandre Moratto, came to “disturb the henhouse” in Netflix and has become a tough rival for other productions such as “Yara”, “Red Alert” and “The Squid Game.” A few days after its premiere, the film is one of the … Read more

Review of the entire season of Arcane, a visual spectacle of what must be the first of more League of Legends series

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One of the qualities it has Netflix is that usually when a new season of a series is released it releases all the chapters at once so that you can see them at will whenever you want. However, sometimes it distributes them little by little and that is what has happened with Arcane throughout this … Read more

Come on, come on, review: Joaquin Phoenix and small child transcend cliché E! News UK

Come on come on review Joaquin Phoenix and small child

My TikTok timeline continues to serve me some type of video, probably because she knows I was born in 1983. It looks like this: Behind the text, a woman my age puts on an American Eagle tank top, then another tank top. on top, followed by low rise jeans, Ugg boots, and basically whatever we … Read more