The time Chucky killed the protagonists of ‘Toy Story’ and the survivors took revenge

The time Chucky killed the protagonists of Toy Story and

The most famous killer doll in cinema returned to Star Plus with season 2 of ‘Chucky’, and with the rage of Halloween we remember the curious crossover between the devilish toy and the characters of ‘Toy Story’. The first time we were disturbed by a Good Guy doll was on the treadmill. Chucky the devil … Read more

Fire: the movie with José Coronado that you have to see if you like revenge stories

throughout the years Jose Coronado He gained fame by becoming one of the most acclaimed Spanish performers in that country. However, his popularity began to get bigger thanks to platforms like Netflix, where millions of people were able to discover his talent and consume his works. In this way he became an acclaimed star in … Read more

‘Monotonia’, Shakira’s sung revenge against Piqué

Monotonia Shakiras sung revenge against Pique

A 26-word statement it was enough to announce their separation. Gerard Piqué, 35, and Shakira, 45, ended their relationship last June after 12 years together and two children together, Milan and Sasha. Almost five months after the news, the Colombian singer premieres her first post-breakup song, Monotony, with the Puerto Rican Ozuna, that leaves clues … Read more

Bryan Cranston returns in “Your Honor” with a season 2 marked by revenge and the beginning of a war | Movistar Series | we see TV

Bryan Cranston returns in Your Honor with a season 2

Starring Oscar nominee and Emmy winner Bryan Cranston, “Your Honor” returns to Movistar Plus+ in December for its second season. Margo Martindale and Amy Landecker return to the series as guest stars. We find out what’s in store for the second installment of SHOWTIME’s acclaimed drama. Bryan Cranston in “Your Honor” – Movistar + Alicia … Read more

Two chick flicks to watch on Netflix if you liked Do Revenge

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

The term chick flicks For some it may be unknown, but surely they know the films that are included within this genre. The term Chick-flick it is related to comedy and romantic films that are aimed at a teenage and female audience. They are also known as “chick flicks” and often have female leads. Although … Read more

Shakira’s mockery of Gerard Piqué in a tone of revenge that he has hidden in one of his videos

Shakirasinger-songwriter, dancer, actress and Colombian businesswoman, has recently been the focus of the cameras due to the separation of Gerard Piqué And the rumors don’t seem to stop. The queen of Latin pop, she is considered a worldwide icon of Latin music, from her debut in the 90’s to the present day the author of … Read more

Official trailer for “Do Revenge”, the new Netflix movie with Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes

Official trailer for Do Revenge the new Netflix movie with

It is the new Netflix production entitled “Do Revenge”, which stars Maya Hawke and Camila Mendes, recognized for her role as Verónica Lodge in “Riverdale”. (Netflix) Netflix unveiled the official poster and trailer for its new production titled Do Revenge, which is starring maya hawke, who started in the third season of stranger things, Y … Read more

After the triumph of Top Gun: Maverick, Reese Witherspoon wants to be inspired by it for The revenge of a blonde 3

After the triumph of Top Gun Maverick Reese Witherspoon wants

Almost twenty years after her last appearance as Elle Woods, Reese Witherspoon still believes in a comeback… and is inspired by Tom Cruise! It’s not Maverick who wants! Thirty-six years after the first Top Gun, Tom Cruise put on his super airplane pilot costume for a sequel that enchanted audiences and critics alike. A real … Read more

After “Stranger Things”, Maya Hawke will seek revenge in “Do Revenge”

After Stranger Things Maya Hawke will seek revenge in Do

Exclusive images of “Do Revenge” the new Netflix production with Maya Hawke Although the debut of maya hawkedaughter of umma thurman Y Ethan Hawke It was given in 2017 in the miniseries little womenit was two years later, when he joined the series stranger things that the popularity of the 24-year-old was magnified. Now that … Read more

Jerry Maguire: Tom Cruise’s obsessive behavior, Renée Zellweger’s desperation and all the secrets of a classic with a revenge flavor

Jerry Maguire Tom Cruises obsessive behavior Renee Zellwegers desperation and

A film based on the world of sports, which in turn was a romantic film and at the same time touched on a sensitive issue such as morality and humanity in the business world. In 1996, Jerry Maguire came to the big screen to break paradigms and to propose a new way of making movies. … Read more