Christmas suddenly: how is the Netflix film with which Lindsay Lohan returned to acting

The diet that Lady Gaga needed to gain weight quickly

christmas all at once (Falling for ChristmasUnited States/2022). Address: Janeen Damian. Script: Jeff Bonnett, Ron Oliver. Photography: Graham Robbins. Edition: Kristi Shimek. Cast: Lindsay Lohan, Chord Overstreet, George Young, Jack Wagner. Duration: 93 minutes. Available in: Netflix. Our opinion: regular. After a failed intervention in the thriller Among the Shadows, Lindsay Lohan looked for a … Read more

Peru returned the least amount of bracelets from the Coldplay concert in Latin America

1667703169 Peru returned the least amount of bracelets from the Coldplay

Coldplay spread percentage of return of bracelets. Coldplay arrived in Peru to give two important concerts on September 13 and 14 of this year at the National Stadium. His thousands of fans appeared outside the colossus of José Díaz days before the show to get a privileged place in front of the stage. The wait … Read more

The Killers: the great band that returned to Latin America in 2022, but not to Peru

The Killers the great band that returned to Latin America

The most beloved “assassins” in the world will not visit us in 2022. And it is that The Killers did not include Peru in their small tour of Latin America that is taking them to Colombia, Chile and Brazil between November 8 and 14. But to alleviate these sad circumstances, we not only have the … Read more

End of the wait: Rihanna returned to music with her song “Lift me up”

End of the wait Rihanna returned to music with her

After years of speculation about whether Rihanna would return to music, the singer surprised her fans this Friday with the release of her song “Lift me up”. The song, the first in six years, is an emotional ballad that pays tribute to the deceased actor Chadwick Boseman and is part of the soundtrack of the … Read more

Quentin Tarantino denied Kanye West, Rihanna returned to music and María Becerra recorded a video with Manuel Turizo

Quentin Tarantino denied Kanye West Rihanna returned to music and

Director Quentin Tarantino responded to Kanye West’s accusations – Credits: @Grosby Group the music star kanye-west keeps adding rejections. After making anti-Semitic comments and misguided analyzes of the murder of George Floyd, he is now the filmmaker Quentin Tarantino who came out to deny the singer. Days ago, West said that in 2005 she spoke … Read more

Sitges 2022: all the magic of the Festival has returned in an edition full of great cinema, surprises and a flavor of old normality

Sitges 2022 all the magic of the Festival has returned

As always happens on a Monday around this time of the year, once again I am forced to look back with nostalgia at what has happened over just the last ten days, and to type a text that condenses what it has meant a new edition of my beloved Sitges Festival that has just ended … Read more

Slash said goodbye to Colombia and was excited to have returned to the country: “You are beautiful”

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

In the early hours of this Thursday, after the second Guns N’ Roses concert in Bogotá, the group’s guitarist, Slash, once again posted a message on Twitter highlighting the passion of his followers and the love they showed them during the two presentations. . The musician he was quite excited after each Show and did … Read more

Do you remember Pepe Suarez? He returned to Televisa after 16 years and this is what he looks like

Rosalia in Mexico City You have my heart stolen

Surely you remember him from some soap operas and comedy and variety shows like Se Vale, Vida TV El Show, El Teatro de la Risa and Humor es los comedians, but Pepe Suárez left Mexico for almost 20 years and now he is back. About to turn 56, he was interviewed by Maxine Woodside while … Read more