Keanu Reeves has proven with a DNA test that he was not the father of 4 children: their mother still doubts the results

Keanu Reeves has proven with a DNA test that he

A woman claims Keanu Reeves is the father of her four children and has demanded $3 million a month in child support. Meanwhile, the actor claimed to have never met this woman. Being a well-known celebrity in the entertainment industry means dealing with all kinds of fans, including out-of-control fans. While some stars are used … Read more

A special Jujutsu Kaisen program did not have the expected results — Kudasai

A special Jujutsu Kaisen program did not have the

the japanese portal Myjitsu published an article noting that a special broadcast of Jujutsu Kaisen, held on January 10 on TBS in Japan, was a complete failure not because of the animation content broadcast, but because of the structure that was given to the program, including interviews with artists “series fans” that interrupted the broadcast … Read more

The Sims 4 recreates Chris Hemsworth, and the results are impressive

The Sims 4 recreates Chris Hemsworth and the results are

Still popular in the hearts of fans, The sims 4 is also a way for some to share their creations, more or less successful. Latest to date, this ultra realistic reproduction of Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. A title still as popular Released in 2014, The sims 4 is to date the last opus of the … Read more

Omnisports – Omnisports: all the results of the Cher teams

Omnisports Omnisports all the results of the Cher teams

Women’s League (7th day) Bourges Basket – Saint-Amand / Le Hainault: 82-46.(read our live again) NF2 (9th day) Bourges Basket – Stade Marseillais: 67-66.Success of tango hopes against Stade Marseillais. U18 women (8th day) Limoges – Bourges Basket : 51-65. Football National (14th day) Châteauroux – Orleans: 4-1. National 2 (12th day) Montpellier B – … Read more

Omnisports – Omnisports: the results of the Cher teams this weekend

Omnisports Omnisports the results of the Cher teams

Women’s League (6th day) Angers – Bourges Basket: 63-90. NF2 (7th day) Receive our Tango Matchday newsletter by email and find essential and exclusive information on your favorite club. NL 18 Bourges Basket – Voiron B: 76-62. U18 women (6th day) Bourges Basket – Cournon: 109-38. Football National 2 (11th day) Bourges Foot 18 – … Read more

Omnisports – Football, rugby, handball, basketball, roller-hockey, volleyball … Discover all the results of the Cher teams

Omnisports Football rugby handball basketball roller hockey volleyball Discover all

Coupe de France (4th round) Women’s French Cup (2nd round) Châteauroux – Verdigny / Sancerre: 8-2US Sainte-Solange – Bourges Foot 18: Sainte-Solange package Center Cup (2nd round) USA Lury / Méreau (D1) – AS Saint-Germain-du-Puy (R3): reserveSalbris (D2, Loir-et-Cher) – Massay (R2): 0-3Nançay / Neuvy (D2) – Bouzannes Vallée noire (D1, Indre): 0-4AS Chalivoy (D3) … Read more

Our Poll Results – “Skyfall”, “Casino Royale”, Sean Connery: Your Favorite James Bond

Our Poll Results Skyfall Casino Royale Sean Connery Your

– “Skyfall”, “Casino Royale”, Sean Connery: your favorite James Bond If the Scottish actor has attracted the majority of your votes for his incarnation of the famous spy, it is two episodes with Daniel Craig that win on the side of the films. Does it bode well for “No Time to Die”? Corentin Chauvel Posted … Read more

‘La casa de papel’: the overwhelming final season of the Netflix series entrusts everything to adrenaline with uneven results

1630337737 La casa de papel the overwhelming final season of the

The long awaited final season of ‘The paper house’ debuts on Netflix on September 3. It does so with a first batch of five episodes, leaving as many for the series to say goodbye on December 3. My big question was whether really what could be said of the robbery of the Bank of Spain, … Read more

Dutch music festival results in 1,000 new COVID cases –

Is the return to the music festival already in trouble? Earlier this month, we covered the return of one of America’s largest music festivals – the Day Trip Festival in San Bernadino, CA. In a post-vaccination Southern California, the July 4 weekend event went very well and marked the reopening of future music festivals across … Read more