“La extorsión”: Guillermo Francella enciende un thriller de ritmo trepidante | RESEÑA

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Al borde de cumplir treinta años como piloto de Aerolíneas Sudeste, Alejandro Petrossián (Guillermo Francella), ve en riesgo su jubilación, pero sobre todo su intachable trayectoria, cuando un examen médico arroja que ha empezado a perder la audición en uno de sus oídos. Tal vez por eso se atreve a pedirle a su doctora –quien … Read more

“Wounded Hearts”: Why has this movie been in Netflix’s Top 10 Trending for two weeks in a row? [RESEÑA]

Wounded Hearts Why has this movie been in Netflixs Top

Wounded Hearts has been the surprise of the year, reaching the top 10 trends in Netflix for two consecutive weeks. The film, inspired by the book of Tess Wakefield, has come to cause a furor among staunch Netflix audiences for trying to add more mature elements to the romance genre. It is the story of … Read more

Turn on the Stream: ‘Being the Ricardos’, the movie about the comedian Lucille Ball that Prime Video brings us [Reseña]

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Updated on 01/12/2022 07:04 pm By Carlos “McVicious” Moya – Surtido.pe We will know all about Lucille Ball Y Desi Arnaz, one of the best-known comic couples on television in the United States and the worst week they could live, in the film that Amazon Studios Just Released: Being the Ricardos (All about the Ricardos). … Read more