Council imposes new requirements to organize dances, concerts and fairs

The Dallas Council It unanimously passed an ordinance Wednesday aimed at improving safety and imposing new requirements on venue operators and promoters of large events that don’t need a permit. Effective immediately, the ordinance establishes that venue operators and promoters must agree on a detailed security plan approved by the city before each event, and … Read more

Mérida tightens the requirements to hold concerts in the Roman theater

Merida tightens the requirements to hold concerts in the

New rules to celebrate concerts in the Roman theater of Mérida: the promoter must deliver a detailed plan with the characteristics of the event and undertake to install “a sound system” that protects the scenic front from acoustic vibrations to “guarantee the protection of the monument”. Likewise, the load capacity for the installation of the … Read more

Pigs, champagne and chocolate bars: these are the requirements of the stars to participate in music festivals

When lawyer Héctor Costa is asked what is the strangest thing he has been asked to do when organizing a music festival, he replies that, once, in Mexico, an artist demanded in writing that he have “a pig to pet.” In another contract, he says, a gang requested a black car that yes or yes … Read more

These were the extravagant demands that Queen made for their live concerts

These were the extravagant demands that Queen made for their

In addition to its great lyrics and songs, other great features it had Queen they were his incredible recitals. But like any musical group, the band headed by Freddie Mercury had a series of requirements so that their shows could be carried out. These requests were known in the publication of the book “Queen never … Read more

O Son do Camiño Perseidas Manual: ticket prices, requirements and how to buy them – Metropolitano

O Son do Camino Perseidas Manual ticket prices requirements and

O Son do Camiño reveals its official prices. After announcing the official poster, composed of 18 artists and eleven appointments throughout the summer, it is time to know the prices of each of the concerts that make up the program, which, remember, is independent from the large-format festival, since this is a special edition motivated … Read more