Iron Man: this replica of Robert Downey Jr. almost never saw the light of day

Iron Man this replica of Robert Downey Jr almost never

A real critical and public success, Iron Man is THE film that served as the foundation for the universe of Marvel superheroes. To celebrate fifteen years of the film, Kevin Feige and Jon Favreau plunged back into their memories linked to the first adventures of the billionaire vigilante. The producer and director have notably revealed … Read more

Marvel: Robert Downey Jr. reveals that this cult replica of Iron Man almost did not exist

Marvel Robert Downey Jr reveals that this cult replica of

In 2019, marvel studios concluded theInfinity Saga with the movie Avengers: Endgame, directed by Joe and Anthony Russo. In order to underline the importance of the film in the history of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (mcu), he also served as the swansong for three of the original Avengers, including the franchise’s inaugural hero, Tony Stark. … Read more

This replica of Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle is made out of junk

This replica of Ghiblis Howls Moving Castle is made out

YouTuber Studson Studio is known for their amazing models and dioramas. Previously, he did home from Kiki’s Delivery Service (known in Spain as The Witch’s Mail Service and in Latin America as Kiki: Home delivery), and the bathhouse from Spirited Away (known in all Spanish-speaking territories as Spirited Away). But his latest work is perhaps … Read more