Marvel Creates Awesome New Sentinels From Wolverine’s Remains

Marvel Creates Awesome New Sentinels From Wolverines Remains

A new type of Sentinel appears in the Marvel Universe and is based on Wolverine’s adamantium. Wolverine looks defiantly at the enemies join the conversation The X-Men #22 comic has introduced a dangerous new kind of Sentinel which has been created from the remains of the X-Men Wolverine. Having recovered from his recent battle against … Read more

The song of the Green Dwarfs that symbolized the exile of thousands of Argentines in 2001 and remains current

1684568143 The song of the Green Dwarfs that symbolized the

Marciano Cantero, who died last year, Felipe Staiti and Jota Morelli, the last formation of Los Enanitos Verdes with their original singer. Today, the last two continue the journey of the “dwarfs” We were in 1986 when a few bands from Mendoza arrived in Buenos Aires. Ethyl Alcohol, Karamelo Santo, for example, and especially The … Read more

Rosalinda Serfaty, the remembered actress of “La Revancha” and “Mundo de Fieras”: at 57 she remains beautiful, leading a full life in Miami, away from television and enjoying her grandchildren | People | Entertainment

Rosalinda Serfaty the remembered actress of La Revancha and Mundo

Rosalinda Serfaty is about to turn 58, next April 24 and today we show you what the remembered actress of soap operas like “La revancha” and “Mundo de fieras” looks like, which were a boom in the 90s. They are the attractive daughters of Catherine Fulop: Oriana follows in her mother’s footsteps in acting and … Read more

“I handle my loneliness well, I’m not afraid of it”: Jeannette Rodríguez, the Venezuelan protagonist of “Cristal” at 61 years old remains single and without children living in Miami | Television | Entertainment

I handle my loneliness well Im not afraid of it

The Venezuelan industry of TV soaps had its greatest years of glory in the 80s, with productions of the highest level that were exported to several countries and that made them recognizable throughout Hispanic America to their leading figures. One of them is the actress jeanette rodriguezwho rose to fame thanks to the remembered soap … Read more

The HBO Max adult series that is giving people talk; will destroy what remains of your childhood

The HBO Max adult series that is giving people talk

It is at the end of the week when all the streaming platforms add to their catalogs several of the most anticipated releases of the cycle, releases that in many cases manage to convince the audience, but sometimes, as happened in HBO Maxthey do not get the acceptance of the users. In this context, a … Read more

Spotify’s crossroads: dominates the music industry, but remains unprofitable

Spotifys crossroads dominates the music industry but remains unprofitable.webp

Imagine dominating an industry that has generated billions of dollars over the last few decades., raised passions and generated some of the greatest idols. Sport, cinema, music? Let’s put the third. You are the channel of distribution for the majority of artists on Earth with their listeners, and yet you remain unprofitable. That is, in … Read more

So Sarah Michelle Gellar and Selma Blair showed that their friendship remains unbreakable

LAMC 2022 All About the Latin Alternative Music Industry Conference

Everyone knows the terrible diagnosis of multiple sclerosis that actress Selma Blair has been facing since 2018. Fortunately, the actress has had the support of family and friends, especially that of her colleague and friend Sarah Michelle Gellar. October 30, 2022 5:47 p.m. The actress selma blair first opened up about his multiple sclerosis (MS) … Read more

Have you seen Henry Cavill as Captain Britain? Superman remains as a child next to the Marvel hero

Have you seen Henry Cavill as Captain Britain Superman remains

We all have in our mind henry cavill as Superman, for his performances in the DC universe. But some people led the British actor to become the quintessential Marvel Comics hero of his native country: Captain Britain. It is the extraordinary result of a fan art made by Subi Ozil, who used his Instagram account … Read more

What’s going on with ‘Sandman’? Why season 2 of the Netflix series remains unknown and what are the chances that it will be renewed or canceled

Whats going on with Sandman Why season 2 of the

Many will be wondering why Netflix has not announced its decision on the future of ‘Sandman’. Their discreet debut It led to doubts about its continuity, but its popularity went further, being the number 1 spoken series in English on the platform for three weeks and even today it holds in fifth position, So why … Read more

The day of the famous: the remains of Elizabeth II in Westminster and Ryan Reynolds, operated urgently

The day of the famous the remains of Elizabeth II

09.14.2022 8:24 p.m. Zac Efron reveals the reasons for his radical change in the face A few months ago, Zack Efron went viral on social media his remarkable physical changes in the face. Now, the actor has reappeared to reveal the reason for that retouching. Apparently, suffered a domestic accident, broke his jaw and in … Read more